I want to make another burst faucet - need a coder for my concept

  • Ok, so i'm ready to give back even more to the community, but i have a concept i need done for the faucet i want.

    Here's how it should work:

    You go in, and sign up for the faucet. ONE TIME. It will pay you a daily (not sure yet but up to 20 burst, and maybe more) . But, there's a catch to it. IF you visit the site a few times a day, you can watch videos or click on adds or whatever we implement, and each time you do it, your daily bonus increases by some % PERMANENTLY . It will be a small percentage, but it adds up a lot over time.

    And if you don't want to do the above things i listed, it's cool 🙂 . You just need to sign up and you get paid each day anyway.

    Can anyone build such a tool for me? It shouldn't be hard to build, but for a code retard like me...well...

  • @nameless Your idea is pretty much like gitcoin


  • @KyleH112 interesting website. had no idea it existed.

    Yeah, same idea basically, and yet not. In my faucet users get paid no matter what, and don't have to come back each day to earn. But they are given the choice to earn more each day if they do watch the adds. And the earnings increase is permanent.

  • If the user doesn't have to come back to claim you're probably going to have a lot of spammers sign up multiple accounts, I know I would lol

  • @KyleH112 i have a way to avoid that 🙂 . secret for now