Prediction Market

  • Since BURST already provides lots of services I suggest another one: A BURST prediction market.

    What is needed?
    That is quite simple. Basically a prediction is like an asset with multiple outcomes and a roadmap of at least the final outcome. Each prediction share represents one outcome. But the prediction share value depends on the choice. When the prediction timeline is at the end wrong shares simply loose their value but the summed up prediction funding is shared over the right prediction shares and paid out.

    I think this kind of feature would bring more users and another market to BURST.

    What do you guys think about it?

  • Good idea!
    We need an oracle system to be able to do that right?

  • @Dworf So that would be something similar to Augur ? Can be good I think

  • @Gadrah_
    right - I think with the right evaluation tools it could definitely help to get a widespread market penetration

  • It's a good idea, how do we handle the "resolving the result" part though? I'm not sure how augur handles it.