Is this system worth while

  • This is available on my local swap site:

    For sale is one Intel SR2612RR 2U 12x3.5" LFF server.

    Comes with:

    • Xeon L5630 6 Core CPU's
    • 12x4GB RAM (48GB Total - 12 slots available)
    • Dell PERC H700 controller with BBU and cables
    • 2x 1GbE LAN onboard
    • 2x 2.5" bay internally for boot drives or SSD cache (empty)
    • 12x 3.5" bay, hot swap
    • 2x power supplies
    • Rack rails

    System currently has 12x 3TB HGST 7K3000 drives. As RAID6 is recommended for RAID's > 12TB, configured with RAID6 for approximately 30TB usable space.

    I don't really know much about server CPU's though. Obviously know GPU to plot or mine with but will the CPU mine them OK once I get them plotted?

    I can always plot using my home computer GPU and then throw them back in here to mine, or even mine over the network with my home computer GPU but I can't see that being faster.


  • admin

    @superskid That will be a great miner. Note that the L5630 is a 4 core/8 Thread - not a 6 Core/12 Thread.

  • @haitch 4/8? Meaning 8 if there are 2 of those processors?

  • admin

    @superskid Hyperthreading can allow one core to run two threads - so a single CPU system with 1 CPU has 4 cores & 8 Threads, a system with two CPU's has 8 cores and 16 threads.