Multiple plots on same HDD

  • Hello everyone. I am new to Burst and just starting mining yesterday. I currently have 2TB of my 5TB USB3 external HDD that is hooked up to my mining rig plotted and it has been mining for about 22 hours. I also plotted 1TB on 1 of the drives in my main PC and started mining on it this morning.

    I only plotted 2 TB of the 5TB because I wasn't sure how long it would take and didn't want a system crash to screw things up and have to start from zero again. But, now I would like to plot another 2.5TB of this HDD, but I am not exactly sure how this works. I did see that if I choose Plot again on that same drive, it of course reflects the 2TB that is already plotted when calculating free space, but I stopped short of starting to another plot because it will probably take close to 30 hours to complete and I need to do some tweaking to my GPU's in the mean time that might cause a system crash or at least a reboot.

    So... these are my questions regarding multiple plots on the same HDD:

    1- does this have any impact at all on mining? I've read that the main factor in mining successful is plot size, but is that referring to the sum total of all your Plots, or the size of each plot? Using my specific case... would 2 plots of 2 + 2.5TB on the same HDD be less efficient than 1 plot of 4.5TB on that same drive? If it is less efficient, is it by a material % or nominal?

    2- similar to above but regarding the spanning of different drives. My personal PC has about 6-7 internal drives and 2 external ones. Between all of these, I probably have about 8TB of free space. Would there be a notable difference between the following 2 scenarios:

    a- having 8 plots of 1TB each on 8 different HDDs (all on the same PC)
    b- having 4 plots of 2TB each on 4 different HDDs (all on the same PC)

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

  • Forgot something... assuming I initiate the next 2.5TB plot on this external drive, can I just continue mining while doing so? Is this likely to cause any issues? Or is it recommended to stop mining during a new plot creation on the same drive (or system)?

    Also, once a new plot is complete, will a running miner automatically start mining the new plot in addition to the current plot? Or, do you have to stop and restart the miner? Also, can I assume that starting the miner (CPU to clarify), will always automatically mine all of the plots on a given system? Or is there something manual that has to be set to achieve this.

  • @GabryRox Hi ! That's a lot of questions 🙂

    • Having multiple plots on the same HDD is basically the same as having one big plot, it will not reduce your income in theory.
    • No notable difference between your 2 scenarios as far as I know.
    • You can mine while plotting, a lot of people do it.
    • I think the miner automatically start mining the new plot (not 100% sure, but if it does not, restarting the miner is not a big deal).
    • If you mine with the AIO client, it will find plots automatically on your system (in "found plots").

  • @Gadrah_ said in Multiple plots on same HDD:

    @GabryRox Hi ! That's a lot of questions 🙂

    • I think the miner automatically start mining the new plot (not 100% sure, but if it does not, restarting the miner is not a big deal).

    it will mine automatically. don't sweat over it 😃

  • @GabryRox Hi,
    Gadrah well-answered the question.
    I just want to give you an advice about plot size,
    Between 2+2.5 To and 4.5To, prefer 2+2.5, if you want to move/optimize your plot one day, it will be more simple than a big 4.5 To file.


  • @jervis It gives an error but I think it is using the Nonces that it can.

  • Thanks to all for the good advice! Highly appreciated!