stupid plot question

  • ok crazy question as at one point i had this all ready plotted but my son killed my external drives and now i have to start all over

    4tb plotted with the following command
    ./plot -k xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -d /Volumes/4tb/plots -s 0 -n 15258787 -m 24576 -t 3

    I wanna plot the 3tb drive ( but lost as to the starting nonce )
    ./plot -k xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -d /Volumes/3tb/plots -s ??????? -n 12288000 -m 24576 -t 3


    after starting to plot the 4tb it said this

    " Using original algorithm (no SSE4, no AVX2).
    Adjusting total nonces to 15261696 to match stagger size
    Creating plots for nonces 0 to 15261696 (4003 GB) using 6144 MB memory and 3 threads "

  • The first drive 4TB has nonces 0- 15261696
    So on the 3TB drive start at 15261697
    (assuming you don't have any other drives assigned to that worker)

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