Till I mining CPU is 100% used

  • Hello to everybody,
    I think I have problem with my CPU till I mining. Always is happening when is start new block and till finish, CPU is used almost 100%, and on my previous desk computer wasn't like that, utilization of CPU was around 40%..
    I would really appreciate if someone has some advice..

  • What is your previous and current computer spec, including your OS?
    Is there another application that working on your current computer?
    How many TB you use?

    Please give your problem in detail.

  • I'm using windows 10 enterprise, and machine is : intel G3220 3.00GHz, 16gb raam, I've been used for eth mining, and I've 40tb of memory, don't use another app, this computer I'm using only for mining

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    @DeMiBo The first hours the blockchain gets downloaded and verified. This causes 100% CPU usage on low priority for several hours. One time only.

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    And is become often to show me "NOT confirmed DL"

    Anyway thanks a lot guys for fast answering

  • @DeMiBo The CPU needs to read multiple drives at the same time. It causes the high loan. As you see, it will drop after reading the plots. Did you add more drives from the old to the new computer or did you get a CPU with less cores? (or more)

    Re: Not confirmed deadlines:
    @haitch said in a lot of "NOT confirmed DL" messages when mining:

    There are basically three circumstances you'll get a "not confirmed" message:
    a) The deadline really never got to the pool - this does happen, not really anything you or the pool can do. It's leaving your system, but never getting to the pool
    b) The pool got and processed your deadline, but the confirmation never gets back to your system in the deadline your config has. Try increasing the deadline response.
    c) Your deadline was over the pool limit, but the message never got to you in time.
    Increase your deadline timeout, but that's about all you can do.


    @FrilledShark said in a lot of "NOT confirmed DL" messages when mining:

    @haitch didn't mention: When the pool receives a lot of deadlines, it uses all of the CPU power it got to confirm them. If pool got more then normal, it might delay the confirmation messages to save work. They can happen to be delayed so much you never receive them with your current config.
    This is why they can be seen on the pool, but you won't get any messages back.'


    only your best deadlines count and as your best got confirmed you don't have to worry.

  • Really appreciate for your answer

  • The fact is I add the same size of hdd, and even my previous computer was much older and less frequent then new one now what I'm using..

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    You have embedded gpu in you cpu, you could try jminer to use it for mining.
    The age of a cpu is not all, your current cpu has only 2 cores/threads possible. With 40TB it is normal that it is used 100% while mining.