How To Search For Topics On The Forum

  • When I first started here and still today, majority of the time I am searching through other threads trying to find answers to some of the problems I encounter. Sometimes they lead me to great answers and sometimes they lead me to even more questions. Yet, I try my best to limit questions that can be easily found on the forum through the search feature. But there is a problem with that.

    The search feature on the forum isn't as robust as it could be.

    This guide will help you find those difficult questions that are located on the forum. In this guide I will use the error 1004 that newcomers sometimes experience, as a search example. You can use these steps for any issues you encounter. Or topics you would like to read about.

    Step One

    Step Two

    The advance search area of google is a great way to search a webpage for topics and specific words. There are many fields to choose from, but I will only focus on two in this help guide.

    • Add the words Error 1004 in the "this exact word or phrase" field.
      0_1476904468875_exact word.PNG
    • Add the forum website to the "site or domain" field.
      0_1476902344274_site or domain burstcoin.PNG

    Step Three

    Once you have done that, click on the blue Advanced Search button. Google will respond with everything it has regarding "error 1004" within

    Very cool right? Google also has some really awesome search tips and tricks that anyone can use. I use the advanced search area a lot for my searching. I'm not a search guru but this should help you when looking for topics and discussions on the forum.

    And as always,
    alt text

  • @socalguy Very good post, as most common questions regarding mining or plotting have already been answered before 🙂
    I don't find the search feature of the forum that bad, it is just a bit annoying that the results are not sorted by thread title by default.

  • @Gadrah_ haha yea I as a little harsh there. I changed it.

  • @socalguy Haha now that's a nice euphemism 🙂

  • admin

    @Gadrah_ The search function in this forum is actually quite bad. Nice work around socalguy!

    We'll update the forum software soon and maybe there is a new search plugin available. Have to take a look.