HDD corrupted by new plot or optimizing attempt

  • So, I have what is appearing to be a big problem. A few days ago, I created a 1TB plot on an external HDD on my personal PC. This is a 4TB drive with about 1TB already used, aside from the 1TB plot.

    The 1TB plot was mining fine, but about 3 days ago, I decided to test optimizing it. So, i downloaded the latest version from another thread here and started it up. I let it run for a few minutes but I ended up cancelling it because 1) it slowed my miner to a crawl and 2) it was saying it would take a ridiculous amount of time (something like 226 hours) to perform the task.

    This is on an old i2600k W7 system so I figured maybe to just skip optimizing and create another plot. So, I started plotting an additional 500GB on the same drive. I left my miner going and got errors but i think it was due to the fact it was trying to mine the new plot that was not finished being created yet. The next morning, the plot had completed, so I restarted my miner to pick up now 1.5TB. The problem is that it was running crazy slow... so I closed out everything, rebooted, but the problem persisted. I think realized that there was something wrong with the HDD as it took a minute or more for simply the content of any given folder to appear in windows explorer... and this persisted after another reboot and nothing else running.

    So, about 2 days ago, I started the windows repair/diagnostic tool for HDDs. This thing ran quickly until it reached around 90,000 files, then slowed down dramatically. I let it run overnight and finally yesterday afternoon, it got past the initial scanning phase, transitioning into the "process bad records" stage. It has now been running on that for about 20 hours and has processed 11,500 bad file records to date, but the progress bar is only about 15% of the way done.

    I have not had any issues with this drive for over 1 year so it is obvious that some piece of the Burst activity I described corrupted the disk. So, has anyone else experienced this? If so, how did you remedy it? Should I just let the windows repair tool run until it has completed? Or is there a better tool that I should be using for this?

    I also wanted to note that I deleted the 2nd plot file (500GB) before starting the scan, since it seemed that it might be the problem. I am beginning to wish I had also deleted that 1TB plot but it's too late now.

    Any recommendations would be highly appreciated!

  • when you optimize a plot file it does the same thing that defrag does to a hard drive it organizes the data by stopping the optimize you probably messed up a few files that were being moved to help optimize the plot file

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    @Njcfamily31907 The optimizer reads from the original and writes to a new different file, si it shouldn't have corrupted anything on the original, but it's possible the bad target optimized file is there and causing issues.

  • ohh ok thanks for the correction

  • thanks for the feedback. In addition to deleting the 2nd plot, I also deleted the shell of the optimization file... actually did that first. but alas, it does seem likely that stopping this process caused my issue. Still going along at 13,100 bad files found. I really hope this drive isn't dead because it will take forever to recoup that money from Burst mining.

    Anyone have an idea for a good disk repair utility if the windows one i am running doesn't work?