[ANN] NEW BCMPMiner Asset launch

  • Most Current and up to date Miner Specs and Asset Info Will be available Soon on
    BurstCoin Mining Main Website
    Asset Id : 10278367095211385215
    Initial number of assets to be released : 500,000
    Price per asset : 2 Burst
    Dividends: PAID WEEKLY ( After Miner and Hard Drives are purchased and setup )

    Inital Asset Release Sold : 500,000 ( @ 2 Burst Per Share )
    Final Asset Release Sold : 0 ( @ 10 Burst Per Share )
    Final Asset Release Privately Held as Collateral on a Loan : 50,000
    TOTAL ASSET SOLD : 500,000 ( Updated every 24 Hours ) ( Initial Release Sold out )
    TOTAL DIVIDEND PAID : 117,998.850223 Burst ( Updated every 7 Days )

    Starting October 22, 2016, Dividends Will be funded and paid out from 100% of the earnings from my Personal Miner which has a 7tb plot

    What is the BCMPMiner ASSET :
    The BCMPMiner Asset is a Miner Dedicated to Mining on Pool.BurstCoinMining.Com:6080
    this asset is also to get the funds to build and maintain the miner
    Here are the components of the asset ( Some to be purchased ):

    1. 1x HP ML370 G6 Server, 2x 2.53Ghz Intel E5540 processors, 6Gb RAM - Server For Hosting Pool.BurstCoinMining.com **
    2. Supermicro X7SBL-LN2 Rack Server 4gb ram with a total of approx 7.8tb storage available for plotting
    ( currently searching for a good deal that will allow me to expand the Plot size beyond 10.93 TB total Servers + Personal Miner )

    3. 1x External 4tb - Hard Drive Added to the Supermicro server
    4. 1x internal 3tb - Hard Drive Added to the Supermicro server
    5. 1x Internal 500gb - Hard Drive Added to the Supermicro server
    6. 1x Internal 320gb - Hard Drive Added to the Supermicro server
    7. 100% of the Pool Fees Generated by Pool.BurstcoinMining.com

    Assets Under Repair Or Awaiting Repair
    8. 1x Internal 3tb - Hard Drive DEAD HARD DRIVE ( drive failed Trying to get Manufacturer to replace it )( Update: MFG cancelled the RMA had to send in proof of Drive Serial # and part# via a Pic of the Drive Label For RMA to be approved Waiting on that)

    The Mathematics of profit distribution:
    A. 95% of all the Burstcoin Earned will be paid out to all asset holders.
    B. 5% will be taken in the form of maintenance / Administration fees. ( Which will be used to upgrade the Miner and increase Burstcoin earned and in return Increase div's paid out to Asset holders ( I will not take this fee out until the entire BCMPMiner Operation is up and running )


    For those who are new to the Burst universe or those who have limited amount of Burst but wanted to acquire assets, you can buy Burst from other members here using BTC, FIAT (dollars, etc.) or on trading sites like Poloniex, C-Cex, etc. By doing this, aside from mining, we are all helping the health of Burst’s market value and its future.

    Edited and Updated on : 7:40pm EST 12/07/2016

  • Unable to connect to that server.

  • @Njcfamily31907 hi bro..... so when will all this be started up.... just asking for an estimate... thks alot!

  • Pool.BurstcoinMining.com should be online this weekend sometime @Haitch is setting up the pool for me and by then My Personal Miner should be done Plotting and will be mining to Start paying div's starting 1 week from then

  • Your notes... looks familiar o.0

  • @jervis Yes I Copied your Layout As I thought they were the best written and the Notes part is just absolutely perfect also

  • @Njcfamily31907 Just pick up some Asset's Shares! Looking forward into the progress of this Asset! Keeping my faith into your Asset! đŸ™‚

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Updated the Op with the Current Sales of Shares

    And Added to the Asset the Following Item under Components of the Asset:

    5. Remaining 90% of the Pool Fees Generated by Pool.BurstcoinMining.com ( As 10% of the total Fees are to be used for the Hosting Costs of the Pool )

  • Updated the Op with the Current Sales of Shares

  • @Njcfamily31907 7TB isn't much Plot for 1 Million worth of Burst. Are you hosting the Pool with the Xeon's? I don't see how those fit into the equation, maybe expansion but the asset says 7TB. It says a 4 and 3 TB external and a 10 TB too kind of confusing. Even at 17TB the Burst Calculator says it is about $1.12 a day at the current price or 1700 Burst.

  • The Funds Will be used to Build the Miner and expand it as much as i can,

    the server comes with 12x300gb hard drives and i will be trying to buy with the funds an additional 12 hard drives to fill the server to full capacity or if i can get a good enough deal i will be trying to switch out the current 12x 300gb hdd's for even larger hdd's

  • Updated the Op with the Current Sales of Shares

  • Thought i would give everyone an Update:

    The Auction for the BCMPMiner Server is underway We are Currently the High Bidder And We are So Far WAY under Budget for the server!!! ( What i had figured what the server would end up going for ) but the auction is not over yet the auction end time is 10/26/2016 04:00PM Eastern Time

    As soon as the Auction is over and i know the Final Price for the Auction of the Server if Funds Allow I will be Picking up some Extra Hard Drives to further Expand the Storage space of the server to help increase the Plots that this server can hold

    I have also Checked into Getting a Second Server just like the one i am trying to get in the Auction but with 10x the storage and got a quote on the price for it and Have that as a Idea upon the Second Release of the Asset for the Funds from that Release

    I will be Providing Copies of the Invoices to the Group of ALL buys as i get them and Pictures as the equipment arrives

    I look forward to Making this an Asset that people would be proud to own and I thank the community for their Faith and trust in this Awesome endeavor to help expand the BurstCoin network and Asset Community

  • @Njcfamily31907 is this asset running up right now....?

  • I will be rec'ving the server next week I had to arrange the shipping via a third party shipping and i need to update the OP as the server I was trying to win in the auction ended up being priced WAY out of the funded range

    but we did win a good server ( a good one for a really really really good price ) and the savings we got on the server i will be using to get some extra hard drives for the server

    My personal miner ( which was gonna start the divs till the server got up and running ) ended up developing an issue that i am trying to fix now but i will be making up for that here very shortly

    I have added in 1k burst of my own funds but have only actually bought 148.5 shares of the asset in total and i will be keeping my self out of the first 10 rounds of divs so that 100% goto all the current share holders and i will be doing a Div's release today around 1PM EST in the amount of 6k Burst for the first round and another Div's release will be 7 days after that so on 11/05/2016 at 1pm ( unless something comes up ) will be the Next Div's

    BCMPMiner Asset Mgr

  • Doing the div's now but running into an issue where the div's issuer on the wallet is not excluding the 2 wallet addresses i am telling it to exclude

  • Divs Done But not 100% sure all share holders were completely paid so i will be Buying some burstcoin and issuing another Div's release here shortly to make up for any mistake in the First Round of div's

  • @Njcfamily31907 hi about how much burst do u need... I see u asking to buy some burst using paypal...