Plotting start point

  • Hi, I can't find a solution to this problem:

    • I'm using CPU plotter
    • for several reasons I'm plotting on a small 1,5 TB drive (plots of 1 TB)
    • after I'm optimizing the plot and transfering it to a bigger HDD 4,5 TB

    The problem is that when I'm starting to plot the second TB I'm getting the overlap problem, because I have deleted the first TB of optimized plot.

    Is there a way to manually set up the plotter to start not from 700000001 but from 705000000 so I will not have overlap?

  • Do your plot manual by command prompt. You can specify your starting nonces by yourself. Else, you can add extra command /async and it will plot faster.

  • Is there a guide how to plot by command prompt? I have no idea...

  • @Tradersblog download wplotgenerator cpu plotter, then open command prompt, change directory to wplotgenerator directory, just type wplotgenerator, it will show built-in help text.

    Try to figure by yourself, I am on mobile now, let us know your progress.

  • Ok I got it!
    wplotgenerator [account id] [start nonce] [number of nonces] [stagger size] [threads] {/async}

    If someone has same issue, here is what to do:

    • open the cmd
    • get to the your HDD directory (where you wanna plot), for me it was G:\
    • if you plotted before you'll just have a Burst directory with wplotgenerator.exe
    • so get in this directory: "cd burst"
    • write this cmd command: wplotgenerator [account id] [start nonce] [number of nonces] [stagger size] [threads] {/async}

    In my case it was: wplotgenerator 15558376529107709460 705000001 4194304 5440 4 /async

  • @Tradersblog I recommend creating a batch file with the command as you have described, particularly if you are creating multiple plots, as they can all be entered. Also useful if the plotting stops for any reason, as you can then run it again and wplotgenerator will start from where it was interrupted.


  • Yeah but how can I create a batch file ?

  • @Tradersblog Just use notepad and type in the lines, then save with a .BAT extension. You can then click on this file and it will run the commands in sequence.