How many coins will 1 TB get you a year from now?

  • At the rate Burst is being mined, how many will you get a month one year from now? Using the calculator at this moment, it says 1 TB will get you 2995 per month. From my understanding, the number will keep decreasing over time. Is this true?

  • @xenomorph Yes, the emission is reduced by 5 % per month. Type your sum of 2995 in the calculator on your computer, and multiply it by 0.95. When you press the equals symbol, it will show you how many coins you get the next month. Each time you press the equals symbol, it will remember the equation and use your most recently calculated value. So, press = the same amount of times for how many months into the future you want to check mining profitability for.

    Also, the amount of coins you get depends on other factors, such as difficulty, pool and so forth.

  • What about this scenario:

    Let's say 1 month from now, Burst jumps to $0.01, which is about 10x the current value. In that case, would the emission go down way more than 5%?

  • @xenomorph Not at all, the emission will still decrease by 5% every month until every coin is mined. So mining will be more rewarding if we get to this point.

  • admin

    @xenomorph If Burst is worth $ 0.01 probably the network size will grow with it. The more miners and more TBs are mining, the smaller your chance of you finding a block.

    This is not a get rich quick project (or bettery said: scam). What you mine today you could sell in one, two years or five years. With this deferred strategy you will be rewarded much better than calculating on a daily basis.
    With mining you are investing and securing the Burst Transaction Network. Patience is key. We are here to stay.