Asset Idea

  • Asset name: Not sure yet.
    Initial number of assets to be released: 500,000
    Price per asset: 50 Burst

    What is this asset ?

    Short Version : Combine Burst with MLM to get a nice cash flow into Burst.

    The idea

    I’m a member of an online network marketing company who develop in house software products used in the financial market. And they have the unique opportunity to earn money by profit share.
    And I thought it might be interesting to combine it with Burst to create an income flow and buy burst with it.

    The company

    The company sells software licenses. A full license costs €21.000 but you can start with a piece of €500. They sell these licenses trough network marketing and by buying a license you’ll get a spot in the network. For that you collect a share in their profits according to the market plan.

    Where does the money come from?

    With the software, orders are being executed on the forex market, by multiple brokers. On each order, the company earns a small commission. This commission is fixed. These earnings are shared with the members, according to the marketing plan.

    Marketing Plan

    The company works with a 4x4 Matrix. You can start with at least 500€.
    I''ll cover the entire marketing plan of people are interested.

    How I see it:

    We can use my Girlfriend's €500 account. To start I’m looking for at least 5 people to join me, so we get the 500 QFL Bonus and take out the Bonus, to return to my girlfriend, so we are left with a €500 software license.

    Every week they pay the commissions.
    1% on the software license -> Going to payout wallet.
    Team member commissions -> 30% to the license 70% to the payout wallet.
    At the end of the month when the payout wallet reaches for example 250€ I take it out and buy burst with it. That burst will be divided:
    90% -> to the asset holders
    10% -> administration fee
    In this way we have money from the outside going into Burst, this can only increase the value of Burst.

    Please comment bellow with your thoughts and ideas.

  • @jynson If i understand correctly this can be one of the concepts that integrate a rel life business into Burst but i didn't understand it quite well hahaha

    Can you give us the company site so i try to understand better the business?

  • @gpedro Finally somebody who answers after 90 views 🙂 It's not really integrating , it's just using this componay and the earning potential to buy extra Burst. If the users make an account they will make money as well with the company. So you can make money with the company, make money from the asset , and make money because I buy burst so the value will go up.

    Here is a link with the presentation of the company

  • @jynson That link don't worked 😞

  • @gpedro here it seems to work , but I uploaded it to wetransfer , here you go :