Charts regarding my personal mining

  • One of you guys around here did a really nice job with the site. Lots of good info. However, does anyone know of a similar list of reports for my individual BURST account? I check my pool regularly to see if I am hitting blocks, and of course I check the blockchain, but I would love to see MY average forged block time, mined per day, average received per day, that type of thing.
    I think this could also be helpful for those solo mining, so they could get a more pool like experience while soloing.

  • @DrTrouble You can't do that atm, but that would be a cool feature indeed !

  • Banned

    @DrTrouble most of those can be done on the site you just posted a link on. Enter your burst address in the search and then on the result page click on pool mined etc... and you will see your charts

  • @Focus Oh you're right ! Thanks man I didn't even know that :)

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