Plots overlapping using AIO wallet

  • I haven't done any new plots in about 2 months, however I just got a new 8 TB harddrive and it appears, when I start plotting it with the AIO wallet, it is overlapping one of my other harddrives. Could this be something that is changed when you do a wallet upgrade ? I believe something may happen when a wallet upgrade is performed it changes how the wallet views the current plot files and / or where they start / leave off as to when / where they start plotting the next plot aftter an upgrade. I have 24 TB currently and just added 8 TB, so it wouldnt be nice to have to replot EVERYTHING with the newest wallet, and I really didn't want to do the plotting manually, however it appears that may be the fix for it.

  • Banned

    @tomahawkeer you used the same drive letter is why

  • Hmmm if I change the driveletter will that fix it ? That was in the back of my mind as well. Kind of makes sense.

  • admin

    @tomahawkeer You need to have a different drive letter before plotting. I would delete the smaller plot and rename the drive with Windows tools.

  • Changing drive letters should be just as easy, it just requires a reboot. Ill give that a try, I think it will fix it and I will know pretty quickly

  • And....that fixed it. Thanks guys.