A new burstcoin draw!

  • Hello everyone, I bring to you something new I will be doing 😃 A fifty/fifty draw!

    tickets will go for 2 burst each (wanted to keep it cheap :D)

    send as many burst aslong as it is a multiple of two to the address BURST-C8BX-DSH2-B8XZ-GXFNS

    I will put your burst address in a spreadsheet in for each ticket you purchased.

    I will then use a random number generator to generate a number. and whichever address happens to be on this cell will be the winner. and will then be sent the winnings!

    I will try to keep the current winnings updated here.

    You have twenty four hours to buy tickets! good luck everyone! If you have any questions. be sure to reply and I will answer them!

    I will be uploading video footage as a reply to this thread after the draw 😃

    1 ticked - 2 burst
    Send burst to - BURST-C8BX-DSH2-B8XZ-GXFNS
    CURRENT POT - 261 Burst
    edit: since lots of people are just viewing this thread, and not asking any questions or "purchasing" tickets. I assume its because of the low size of the draw.. so I've decided to add some of my own burst to the party 😃

  • Mmm wasn't this already written somewhere else with comments? Or is just me that I'm imagining things haha

  • @gpedro I wasn't really sure wether or not I should put it in crowdfunding/projects... or general topics 😛