Ninja Forked

  • Can someone please sort out the Fork on ninja, been going on for some Hours now?



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    @RichBC Unfortunately, I tried thiws morning but I don't have the root password to restart it. Haitch or crowetic will be on it soon.

  • @Focus I know these things happen. What I find strange is that ninja obviously knows when it's forked / something is wrong because the payments stop being made. Pity the code can't be changed to just restart itself.


  • I understand also, but we are missing some really good winning deadlines in the mean time. Sometimes you wait all day or 2 days to get a 30 second or less deadline. Please fix soon!

  • @marrada Yes agreed I have Mined 2 Blocks which having not mined any for the last 2 days. Really do feel that these forks should be spotted and fixed more quickly?

    Would not be so bad if we could have what you have with Bitcoin Mining. The ability to automatically switch pools when one goes down. Perhaps someone could come up with an add on Program / Script that does the necessary Reward Assignment and then restarts your Miner?


  • @RichBC Yes, that would be great. I really want to stay with the ninja. I just switched about a week ago and like to have some stability 🙂 NINJA has been great to me so far!

  • @marrada Yes I particularly like ninja. 50TB that I have is I think about bottom limit but I make about 3 Deadlines out of 4, but what is good for me is the relatively small number of Miners and nonces submitted which means that it is very responsive/ I have a poor internet connection and with other pools often do not get a confirmation.


  • @RichBC That is exactly why I switched. I was getting a lot of not confirmed DL's and had to literally watch the miner 24/7 and cose and re-open it to get the confirmation later in the run. I would see a deadline for 30 seconds not get confirmed, then close and re-launch and would win the block. Now with NINJA until today at least, care free and no Not Confirmed DL's because of what you mentioned and I have a very fast internet connection. I really hope they reset the server already, I have not received any coins since like 1AM EST. Its been almost 10 hours with this issue. @haitch we need you brother, HIT THE BUTTON 🙂

  • @marrada ninja is great even when things goof like this every once in a while. it's super stable as far as DL's go and, at least for me, way more profitable. the stability comes from the small miner count 🙂

  • @chrisagreat It's not just the smaller miner count but also because of the shorter deadline needed that nonces submitted are not much greater than Miners whereas on other Pools the nonces submitted can be 3 x the number of Miners.

    Looks like the Fork is being worked on...


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    @all Looks like I got it it back up, using a backup wallet until ninja's syncs up again

  • @RichBC yup... it's all traffic.... ninja only has to deal with ~30ish submissions a block where burst-team (for example) is ~325ish, not to mention like 90% of them slam the pool within 30-60sec... all the crosstalk between pool/miners at once is bound to skip a DL here and there.... no dice, that's why I have ninja ❤


  • Thanks @Focus!

  • @haitch THANK YOU, you are our KING! I stepped away with my miner off. Stepped back and my first run with everything up again, won the block (BIGDANZCOINZ).

    Thank you for the support! Long live BURST and NINJA!

  • @marrada looks like I get the 2nd block 🙂 (Chris G)

  • @chrisagreat Hi Guys nice to hear from a few people on ninja, must try harder 🙂 Have managed best miner a couple of times since we got back up but no block yet. RichG

  • I am back on Ninja as well, after realizing the fork around 8am and switching to a different pool. No blocks for me, yet 😞 (Cyber_Acid)