Mining With GeForce GTX 980

  • Hey guys, I have a GeForce GTX 980 I have been using with NiceHash miner pulling in around $1.00-$1.12 per day. I was wondering if this is the most profitable way to use my GPU or if I should mine 1 single coin with a different miner for more profits. I am pulling around 27.10 MH's from this card and taking my profits and converting them to burst to hold long term. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • I am also wondering if I should purchase more HDD for burst mining, or I was thinking about picking up a RX 480 to add with my GTX 980 and figuring out another coin to mine at the same time as I am CPU mining for burst.

  • You can do 3 different coins :) Thats what i am doing with my weakl ass PC :)
    BURST -> HDD (use Jminer)
    Some coin for CPU and another for GPU :)

    You might need to fiddle a bit to find a sweet spot or coin so they dont interfere with each other.

  • Isn't Jminer a GPU miner?

  • its GPU assisted :) dont forget Burst miner only uses cpu/gpu for a short while to find hashes in HDD and thats it all the other time you can use those components for whatever you like

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