Not Paying Out All Owed

  • I don't want to give a bad name, but I have been monitoring my mining progress and have seen that I don't get paid for all of the deadlines that I submit. This is especially frustrating because lately I have been submitting the best deadlines and received nothing for it.
    If anyone can offer input on whats happening or can tell me about their experience that would be great. I'm not a new miner and I do contribute a lot of data to the network and hopefully more if I know whats happening here

  • @administrators I counted 7 blocks that should have payed out 600-1200 Burst but haven't my account is BURST-Q5N3-W4EA-5M27-DGU5Y
    These missed payments have really made me worried and wanting to stop mining or to switch pools.

  • admin

    @AngryChicken You don't get paid out for having the best time, you get paid for having the best time IF WE WIN THAT BLOCK. If we don't win, then the time is just used to update your historical shares.

  • @AngryChicken Are you sure you understand the payment system on the pool? Where are you seeing the 600-1200 Burst that you think you should have been payed?

    Remember the Current Round share is added to your Historic Share, however even if it was 600 that will likely only increase the Historic Share by 10 as the Historic Share is based on the last 50 rounds.

    Payment will only be 3 Blocks after the Pool hits a Block and then only if you have more than 300 Deferred.


  • @administrators So how do you know what block are won by the pool? What dictates who wins that block? I thought you get payed every block as long as you submit a valid deadline.

  • admin

    @AngryChicken Looking at the pool display - the middle column - it shows the best time for the pool for each block on the right side, and the winning block for the round on the left. If the pool won the block, the colored best time for the pool bar will span both columns.

    The winner of the round is the miner that has the lowest deadline that is reached.

    Only the pool that wins each round earns anything for that round, and pays out for that round. Getting paid just for a valid deadline would like being paid of the lottery jackpot even though you didn't have a winning ticket.

  • @haitch So the colored bar has to span both the "Forged By" & the "Our Best Miner" columns? So I just thought that the forged by column
    was who found the block not who won it, if I'm wrong please correct me.

    PS, Thanks for all the help

  • admin

    @AngryChicken The Forged By column is the miner on the whole network who had the best deadline, and they won the block.

  • @haitch Ahh, so only the pool with the best miner gets the reward, meaning that the ~reward column in the Current Shares table is hypothetical until the end of the block when the decision of which pool has the best miner is made.

  • admin

    @AngryChicken Exactly - it's what you'll earn IF the pool wins this block. The ~reward on the right hand side is what you'll be paid in historical shares WHEN the pool wins a block.