Current Price

  • Right now all I'm doing is mining and buying Burst to hold long term.

    I was about to buy some on Poloniex, but if you look at the chart, it seems to be on a rise (currently 0.00000166).

    Should I buy right now before it goes any higher, or should I wait for a dump/decrease? I am kind of new to reading charts and speculating price.

  • @xenomorph The last Week has been great for the Burst price. We have gone from 120 to around 160 with a peak at 173. Most Days there is a pull back so you might see 155 or a some point there may be a bigger pull back?

    If you are keen on Burst for the long term then I would look for anything under 155 as a buy at the moment. I would say that 140 is the absolute lowest you might see unless there is some bad news. However I am just looking at the same chart as you and speculating. We are in uncharted territory and anything could happen. 🙂


  • The price can go down, but I think this is almost impossible now. I believe that 145-150 is a new support, and we have an organic grow. If you are in the coin for longterm, buy now. In weeks or months this price we'll never see again. The next time we hit 200, I don't believe it will pull back that much like the last time. But, this is my opinion.

  • Dip taking place now if anyone wants to buy some Burst. 🙂 Probably won't last long.....


  • The support that I believe is in test. Looks like its real, even with the pump of BTC. Well done Burst 😃

  • @JotaJota Seems to be having a slightly tougher time after the pull back today and we have just seen 147. Would have liked for it to stay above 150 but hopefully 140 will be solid.

    Bought some at 153 and my next Buy is at 143 which I sort of hope not to get. 🙂

    EDIT Got fed up messing about and have gone all in with a buy at 146....... Going to watch some telly and come back later. 🙂


  • We had a good support at 150, now.. pof.. its gone.

    Let's see how things are, hoping that 145 is the bottom.

  • @JotaJota The Weeks graph is not looking so attractive now. Before we were seeing higher highs and higher lows on the pull backs, now they are going lower. We are now testing 140 as support, let's hope it holds.


  • We are in the 140-150 area, but with no strong support. Can go back to 130 or pump high after BTC correction. Only time will tell now.