Selling Home Made Jam

  • Hi, I decided to make some jam and put it on the market. 🙂

    There are 3 to choose from.

    (1) Persimmon Jam - Ingredients: Persimmon, White Cane Sugar, Lemon Juice, Pectin. (0 Available)

    (2) Strawberry Syrup - Ingredients: Strawberries, White Cane Sugar, Pectin. (0 Available)

    (3) Ultra Hot Strawberry Persimmon Jam - Ingredients: Persimmon, Strawberries, White Cane Sugar, Carolina Reaper Chili Peppers, Ghost Chili Peppers, Pectin. (0 Available)

    20,000 Burst each. Free shipping anywhere in the US.

    Overseas shipping for an additional 15,000 Burst.

    Send Burst Payment too / Check Marketplace: BURST-CYZV-LA84-VQZK-5QEJD. Please provide shipping address. 🙂


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    @cryptojam Reapers ..... my sweet, sweet Reapers ........ 😃

  • I liked your Chili post. 🙂 Plan on buying some once I get some more coin together. Care to trade?

    I have a buddy who started growing peppers in his backyard and we have some after a few beers usually. Scotch Bonnets, Super Chilies, Red Habanero. It was a good starting point as far as heat goes.

    Just discovered the Carolina Reaper recently. Ended up buying some fresh and dehydrated online. Along with some dehydrated ghost peppers, and 1 fresh Chocolate Bhutlah. Scary looking. Ended up splitting a fresh reaper with my buddy and damn that sucker was hot. The best kind of self torture. 😃


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    @cryptojam I'm not really a jam person, but PM me a shipping address and I'll send you some "Not Mild". Anyone crazy enough to mess with Reapers will appreciate it ......... 😉

  • one of my mates attended one of these contests. it was either this year's or last years. kinda regret going being a chilli fan myself. that video made my mouth water like no tomorrow lol.

    love the jam idea btw

  • @haitch PM Sent! Super appreciate it. Let me know if you change your mind about the jam.

  • @Lexicon Thank you!

  • Shoot, no bites yet. I'll lower the price to 20,000 Burst per jar shipped.

    Order some jam for yourself and loved ones.

    Here's a little info on persimmon. Link:


  • Wow, that is probably the most unique application of burst I've ever seen haha 😃 fun times. I'm sure those would taste super hehe

  • To bad I live in Belgium...

  • @jynson I'd love to sell you some. If you're interested I'll ship it to you free of charge as an experiment and gift to my first customer. It will give me an idea of how to ship overseas and get an idea of cost. If you decided to purchase, post a review and add some pics on the thread :).

  • Going to make some more jam tonight. I'll have some more pics for you guys.


  • @cryptojam I really want to try the Persimmon/Ultra Hot Strawberry Persimmon, but I'm quite new to BurstCoin. I have mined only like 105 Burst, and I'm trying to make some by selling graphics! If you're interested to barter, or send a free sample, hmu. I'm interested 🙂

  • @joziahdd No problem. PM sent.

  • admin

    @cryptojam - Received the chilli persimmon jam today, and I approve!!!! Nice sweet initial flavor, then a slow building burn ..

    If you like sweet, and hot, and want something to give you a jumpstart in the morning, I HIGHLY recommend CryptoJams Jam - it is damn good!

    Reaper Jam

  • Jam is still available for purchase.

  • admin

    @cryptojam And is still damn good! haitch approved!!

  • All of the originally listed Jam is gone. I ended up giving most of it away. Two jars to folks on Burst and the rest to friends and family

    I will be making a new batch of Jam (Triple Berry) in the next few days and will post/update soon.

    Thank you,


  • I found an extra jar of the Spicy Strawberry Persimmon Jam. I'll let it go for 10,000 Burst coin just to see if someone will give it a try and post some pics. I let the last two go for free but damn it, I need some coin for my work! 🙂 10000 Burst = $5.59USD today @ 0.00000075 BTC per burst. I am at a total loss and will ship world wide just for the sake of being able to reach a stranger and support burstcoin at the same time.

    PM me first and wait for me to confirm with you before sending the burst. I'll update this post immediately once I receive an offer and complete the transaction.

    It's an 8oz ball jar of the spiciest jam you ever laid eyes on.

    PM me. I'll ship it out Friday if it comes in early enough.


  • what other flavors can you make?