Mining, lowing the number of coins?

  • Since Saturday I saw that the numbers of coin that I mined reduced drastically at pool .eu

    Its normal? Or something is changing?

  • When I say lowing = decreasing. In 20 hours normally I was getting 20 Burst, I got 5 and something Saturday.

  • @JotaJota The difficulty has spiked upwards of 15K this means your pool finds less coins while the Solo Miners gobble them up 🙂

  • @CryptoNick I dont get it. So, its better for me mine solo now? O.o

  • @JotaJota Not really no, there are massive Plots out there to take that much coin away from the pools. Unless you think you can compete with them Solo is probably worse right now.

  • it just means there are a lot of people mining right now. also, it means that miners in EU are getting their capacity higher in there or that EU is not winning much blocks that it needs for its miners to be distributed. There are so many factors. But one thing is constant, only 5% is taken out of the equation every month. The mined coins that we get is all variable basing on all the miners that are in burst. The calculator can't be trusted anymore too.

  • @jervis said in Mining, lowing the number of coins?:

    . The calculator can't be trusted anymore too.

    Don't see why the calculator can't be trusted. There are fields for Coins / Block and Network Size, so as long as they are part of the calculation it should be as good as it's ever been.

    What it could do with is an indication of the variance you should expect in the various time periods.


  • @RichBC I'm sorry if I sound absolute. I was typing that in haste. Anyways, the calculator is not that accurate. It all depends if the pool is winning a block. Even if I have 20 TB if the pool I'm doesnt win a block, i have nothing.

    also, I have 12 TB mining but the most i get for a month now is approximately 700 Burst per day. It all boils down to the deadlines that I can get. The calculator that was made is not like the calculators in other alt coins. Also, Burst algorithm is more of luck than the basis of the miner's capacity. That's my 2 cents there.

  • @jervis Yes there is a lot of luck and hence variance in Burst earnings , however over longer periods of time then the maths will be correct. My Daily variance goes from 1800 to 12300 but my average so far this Month is 5700 which is close to the calculators 5333 for 60TB

    Another factor is that the smaller your plot size the greater the variance you are going to see, which is why it would be good if someone could add some some sort of Band to the calculators predictions.

    There are a lot of factors that can make the calculator wrong, like changes in network size, downtime and forking etc, pool responsiveness to submissions and confirmations etc.

    In addition I think you need to be on a Pool winning a reasonable number of Blocks otherwise periods of good but not block winning Deadlines can go unrewarded. I think at least a Block / Hour is needed.

    So call it luck if you want but I think that over longer periods of time if your system is functioning correctly, you are on a responsive and regular block winning pool then there will be a mathematical correlation between TB and earnings. 🙂


  • @RichBC so, you're in what pool right now? I think i will go to the pool you're in after I plot all my 20 TBs worth more. 🙂

    Your explanation makes sense now. I will be more vigilant about the factors now. THanks for clarifying some factors before me.

  • @jervis I am on ninja. I like it at the moment because there are a relatively small number of Miners and because of the Low Maximum Deadline of 24 Hours there are a very small number of nonces being submitted compared to the other pools. This means that even with my poor internet connection that the confirmation is always instant.

    The problem with ninja is that with 40TB I was hitting about 2 out of 3 deadlines, now with 60TB I am hitting about 9 out of 10. Recommended plot size is 64TB, so 20TB is a bit on the low side but give it a go. I would guess that you will make 1 in 3 Deadlines.


  • @RichBC at least there's one than nothing, right? a deadline is a deadline. 🙂 thanks. There's no way then for us but to move higher then 🙂