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  • Hi everyone,
    I'm mining burst for a couple of weeks and I'm watching the prices. But I do not fundamentally understand what growth drivers could we have in this altcoin. The POS system seems to be the future also for other alts e.g. ETH, I'm not questioning that but:

    • what concretly burstcoins are used for? apart from mining and trading.
    • How burst can compete with other 100500 altcoins ?

    1. Asset Exchange, beside mining and trading, Burst also used in Asset Exchange, that keep coin alive.
    2. Burst mining do not need much power like other coin do and the community is very supporting anyone.

    That's what I feel.

  • @Tradersblog Hi ! I'm going to quote a lot of things here :

    @socalguy said in What makes Burst Unique to other Alt Coins?:

    What made Burst unique for me was the fact that I didn't need a big warehouse of computer equipment to generate coins. I plotted my hard drive and was soon mining my own coin. This puts Burst at an advantage above everyone else. You don't need a lot to create your own coins. Most folks don't have the latest and greatest computer equipment and don't have the resources to buy it.

    With Burst, the average person can generate a coin and use it to buy goods and services. Which is what crypto is all about I think. No longer do you have to relay on a big bank or grind at a defeating job to generate money. You can use your computer and phone to generate an small income.

    Now, I'm not sure if we'll be able to buy a house with Burst, though that would be fantastic. I think if Burst can get into the hands of, say a single parent with kids, it will bring Burst out of the dark. Most folks just want food and a little extra for luxury items and Burst can fit into that Niche because anyone with a basic computer can mine Burst.

    There are also a lot of new projects that will be coming to the Burst umbrella that will benefit everyone in the long run.

    @crowetic said in What makes Burst Unique to other Alt Coins?:

    it's not just the mining style that makes BURST unique... though, that is one of the big factors...

    BURST is the true innovator platform... BURST had Smart Contracts over a year before ETH even existed. BURST has done a cross-blockchain transfer, and was the first in the world to do this as well. BURST's asset exchange is potentially the future of the stock market, totally decentralized... The marketplace is also the future of eBay in a decentralized manner, once a little more effort is put into the UI design of the market.

    There is so much BURST has... it's truly one of a kind.

    The masterful wallet UI that daWallet made for Windows, has made BURST so easy to use it's ridiculous. This has spurred the massive increase in the users, and allowed us to give a simple to use system to the every day joe.

    These types of things will continue, as well as some very unique new features that are on the way.

    The ability to mine on the phone, opens doors to a HUGE market that is mostly untapped in crypto.

    The Smart Contracts allow for things that no other coins can do, oh yea, and BURST also did the first worldwide decentralized lottery... not a lot of people know about this either...

    Right now, I'm in the process of getting a site that the original BURST developer made, back online, which will allow people to create BURST Smart Contracts with a few taps and clicks, this will open even more doors and ease-of-use in creating complex (on the ground level) programs to run on BURST's blockchain...

    There is much more, I could go on for days about how awesome this tech is... and I can't wait for the collaborative projects with QORA that we will be getting out there shortly. Simply good times, and many more ahead... BURST will make many people extremely happy... including my aunt who as of today, has turned a 300 dollar investment a year ago, into nearly 7 thousand dollars! (by investing in BURST at a low, and ByteEnt at a low) and her investment grows daily!

    @Gadrah_ said in What makes Burst Unique to other Alt Coins?:

    I can't say it better than @crowetic. But there is also the fact that this is a decentralized coin by design, because it is ASIC proof and accessible to mine by the everyday joe, the network can't be controlled by a single entity or big mining operations (and it's even more true with the Android mining). It's a coin that has got many features that would allow it to replace a lot of centralized elements of the everyday life. It is a useful coin, not just an object of speculation.

    @jervis said in What makes Burst Unique to other Alt Coins?:

    It is a green technology through and through. With monster rigs of GPUs and ASICs eat a lot of power, HDD mining (BURST) has a lot to give for the environment. And it is fully decentralized. No one group holds the rights to distribute, mine, contract with others. And what @crowetic said. 🙂

    So basically Burst is an innovative, decentralized, environmental-friendly, easy to mine and to understand, easy to use, driven by amazing devs and community, and VERY undervalued coin 🙂

    EDIT : Also, since you are talking about ETH and concrete use, I would say that in the actual state ETH could have a lot of real-world uses with smart contract, but we have yet to see that ! In the meantime, I would say Burst may have even more potential (smart contracts, decentralized marketplace, asset exchange...).

    EDIT 2 : A great explanation of why the asset exchange is amazing :

    @Propagandalf said in The greatness of the Asset Exchange:

    People are willing to pay enormous amounts of Bitcoin to invest in various types of cloud mining and other crypto income schemes (scams too, unfortunately). The vast majority of these either pay very little, or pay nothing at all. Why bother?

    I am surprised why Burst's asset exchange almost seems like a secret that only few people know about. The investment options that are provided here are better than ANYTHING else on this planet (in my opinion), both inside crypto and outside in the "traditional" world of investments.

    Where else can you place your money and get 30-50% return on investment after one year? It's truly insane. Spread the word fellow Bursters, the asset exchange alone is a reason why people should flock to Burst. When people are made aware of exactly how great this type of passive income is , it should explode the market, I reckon.

  • Right now, with the value of burst, I am more inclined to mine it than other alt coins. If burst hits 500 sats, I will be liquidating a portion of our Asset's ETH miner and convert to more Burst mining HDD as it is idiotic for me to mine ETH at that point rather than mining Burst. Burst is green technology. I can't say any more than that. I've been mining with GPUs for quite some time, believe me, the heat is destructive and would take away an area to live by in your home. So, that's another reason.

    next reason, markets are opening to Burst. Locally here, people sell jams, pepper, hair oil, photos, games, etc etc with burst as currency. Then, the community is asking (take note: the community and not the devs) are asking other online markets to have burst as one of their currencies. It just needs one market to open and all will follow.

    next reason, asset exchange. People don't have to go to any third party investment schemes like there are so many out there to further grow their bursts. We have our own decentralized asset exchange in our system, built in. as of now, the asset exchange is focused only on so little factor online and mining, but once Burst goes mainstream, asset issuers, like me and others like me, have plans to expand their assets too for real world usage. Like Stock Exchange of some sort where there's real business. At least, that's what I foresee and that's my vision for Burst. And i have always been vocal with that in here and everywhere.

    next reason, the devs are open to talk about what's hot, what's going on and what's their plans.

    next reason, it is undervalued. So, there's more space for expansion.

    so many reasons. I'm in a hurry so i'll let other people to talk about it.

    Happy Bursting!


  • .

    @jervis said in Growth drivers:

    next reason, the devs are open to talk about what's hot, what's going on and what's their plans.


    I am trying to find out what's hot, under development and plan's

    I have looked at roadmap but there are no timeframes. Not even a date when roadmap was written....

    I've tried looking through github.....not a lot of development I can see.

    What conclusion should I reach?

    When is community cloud due for release? Android mining (full public release)?

  • admin

    It doesn't make sense to have strict deadlines. Development for this coin is also decentralized. When new software is ready it will be released. Everyone here has his own pace. The roadmap was written by one entity or a group which develops for Burstcoin - but it is certainly not reflecting all development.

    Burst has around 15 different Gits and for the core there is a Gitlab and the public Git after it is tested.

    Releasing new (mini) software updates or core updates with ETA will lead us nowhere in my opinion. Just short term hypes.

  • @daWallet

    I can understand no strict deadlines for sure. It builds expectations which are invariably dashed.

    However, I have trawled these forums, bitcointalk, youtube and I'm left with nothing concrete.

    Who is developing community cloud? Where can I see ongoing development for that?

    Urghhhh I really want to like this coin but so far I'm seeing nothing that stands out 😞

    Yes it has smart contracts but that is common enough now regardless of who built it first.

    Decentralized Marketplace and Assett Exchanges have never really taken off.

    Android mining is kinda cool but I can't see mass adoption unless burst value skyrockets and even then if 2 billion people are mining for limited number of blocks not to mention when there is no more left to mine. Same argument for PoC.

    Only thing I can see really that'll set burst apart from a lot of other coins is the cloud and so far it's what people talk about the least.

  • @fing3rblist3r5 Forgive me for my ignorance, but what is cloud mining in your definition? we might have different thoughts on that topic. I just want to know. 😃

  • @jervis

    I am referring to the community cloud that is talked about on the roadmap. I'm not sure I mentioned cloud mining.

  • admin

    @fing3rblist3r5 the "Community Cloud" is a project by @crowetic

  • @fing3rblist3r5 forgive me again, but what is the cloud thing that you're talking about, they're talking about? I don't know all of the developments that's not released yet. I'm focusing on real-world application ideas.

  • @jervis

    Ah right sorry. That question wasn't meant specifically for you. I apologise. - details...

    I quoted your statement re: devs talking about what's hot etc

  • Burst suffers from the very thing that crypto is constantly discussing. Decentralization. There are a lot of projects that are being created independently by folks in the community. So, I wouldn't focus on what one person says. Or, what a single websites promotes. From what I've read on here and in PM's, 2017 is going to be the year for Burst.

    The take away here is the community strong and we are actively moving this coin forward. Just like Bitcoin, it took the community to move it forward. It wasn't an awesome feature or a promise to solve the CO2 levels of the world. It was the bitcoin community that moved it forward.

    What I really would like to see is a wiki for Burst. I think that would solve a lot of questions people have. I think someone mentioned it on the forum that they are working on it. But I forget where the thread is. :s

  • @socalguy The wiki is a great idea. I would be glad to help building it.

  • @Gadrah_ Count me in also to help with the Wiki.

  • @socalguy @Gadrah_ @iKnow0 Here's the the thread, also @newsense2004 could be available for that:, it will be great :):)

  • I have yet to hear back. Still waiting on the DB.

  • @fing3rblist3r5 The "Community Cloud" is a project that is in development and it will have a lot of cool features in it... Only @crowetic could give an estimation of time until release, but i can say that i have been testing the cloud and it is super fast, and when i say this i mean that has at least the double of speed than you get from a google cloud!

    But the aim is for it to be de-centralized and for it to have multiple services too (like chat, e-mail, voice channels and calls), all of this encrypted and decentralized, and that is something pretty hard and inovative in the Decentralize World!

    It is a really cool project that is going on there and i'm pretty sure @crowetic will have news for it soon enough... xD