Burst Advertisement ??

  • Hello i have an idea for a Burst advertisement. not sure if there is anyone in the community that is a Gfx artist or videographer. as i have the idea but no way to produce it. what im thinking of would be a short 10 second or so Gif .

  • @Gibsalot I've got a friend who is good at that. Contact me and we can talk about it 🙂

  • hello ok hear is what i had in mind. start with 1800's old timer mining for gold.. he has a hurting back and has an idea ... switch to a computer with massive electric lines going to it he flips a switch and bitcoins start poping out of the computer... then he gets his electric bill and freaks... but he has another idea .... pulls out his phone clicks on the burst mobile mining app and walks away... switch to giant burst logo captioned with " Burst coin Technology so Innovative you can mine it with your phone " i have no idea if its even possible to do a GiF style video like this but im thinking somthing small that everyone can just save to personal comp and slap it on social media like a Meme. i also think this could pull in alot of intrest to burst espcialy in the mobile mining area we need lots more small miners on the network to help prevent a centralised mining concentration like bitcoin has now that really turns new people away from the mining side of crypto

  • newsense does video gfx 🙂

  • @dagentlemang Then let's tag him xD


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    @gpedro There are also a couple of banner advertising spaces up for auction .............

  • I would love to do it but at this time I don't have my computer. I hope to have it back within a month. Sorry about this.