Burst 1$?

  • Apparently burst not have currency with competition directly. It makes me believe that soon gets to $1. What do you you think?

  • @ajqjjj I believe it will... 1000 Burst at 150 satoshis with the current price of Bitcoin are around 1€ so i believe that in 1.5/2 years it will value 1 Burst=1$... I am trying to get to the millions Burst range as fast as i can xD

  • I think it's extremely unlikely that Burst will grow 1000X the current price anytime soon.

    Perhaps with amazing advances in development (iPhone wallet, marketplace uptake) it's possible in 5 years.

  • @BURSTguy That question depends defenetly on what each of us see as a tangible future but in my opinion the major issues we are talking about here are: Innovation in services/products where to use BURST; access-anywhere (smartphones), simplicity to use the wallet and better explained processes, and then a big marketing campain... The 2 first issues are being taken care already, the huge marketing campaign so the remaining people could know about us, that will come after, i'm sure of it...