VCash - worth buying?

  • Has anyone researched VCash, and is it worth buying?

  • Yes, is a good coin. I have bought some on the beginning of the year around 20k. Next year the coin will have the official launch, and probably a pump with it.

  • In one of the Slack channels I belong to "wolf0" let it slip that (because he had some behind the scenes knowledge b/c of work he is doing for John Conners) if he had an extra 25k, that is where he would be throwing it....and, on a completely separate channel (cryptocopia.slack [a fairly inclusive traders channel]) one of the Pied Pipers there (I forget his name, Russian, I believe) said:

    I plan on going heavy VCash. According to my calculations it's trading at just under 18% of it's value. I'll throw 30 BTC at it.

    (highly paraphrased. XVC was trading at about .00015000 at the time. I think its around .00030000 now)

    For what it's worth, I'm holding like 1500 VCash. I'm poor.

    BTW, if you have any ZCash DUMP IT NOW!!!! BACK UP TO 3 BTC.....I mind .05 yesterday.....dumped for .15 BTC