BURST Faucet Revenue: Is a joint venture to keep our faucets running possible?

  • I have recently realized that our faucets, particularly https://faucet.burst-team.us/ and https://faucet.burstcoin.pt/ as of today, tend to be dry more often. When you look very closely, there seems to be just ONE person behind it. This is the person who initially took the initiative and who goes all out and to every expense to keep the faucet going. The endeavour of such selfless people is really HIGHLY APPRECIATED.

    What is a growing concern for me is that, while BURST is gaining popularity, the very means readily available for any regular fairly newly introduced person to earn cognizable keen interest in the coin tends to be dwindling, while yet such a person is to stimulate further interest in assets and mining. The question is, how do we really motivate other people in developing a favourable and deeply-rooted in coins, while we lack mutual support in areas where there seems to be a notable weakness?

    Mining and assets and all is all great, but I fervently believe that faucets are a centre of attraction for anyone who was never properly introduced to the concept of coins, while that person is yet develop interest in other significant areas of generating revenue. Further interest is, in essence, secondary.

    I will go further into mentioning that we also FULLY APPRECIATE all the good-hearted people who also take it upon themselves to support initiatives like this one so that other people can benefit as well. It is in this regard that all donations to faucets are both duly acknowledged and highly appreciated.

    As the general BURST community, we PROFUSELY COMMEND such generous gestures and contributions.