Local Wallet now not working

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    Don't do the whole process again. I expect the same results then.

    SImply start the client without a drag and dropped db.zip. Let's see if it starts then.

  • Oh sh...

    okay delete files again..haha

  • Update.

    It's working now. But Blockchain is at zero and downloading.

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    Thank you very much. Then it is not my problem anymore. 😉
    Why the hurry? Leave it downloading and then you have a working wallet.

    @haitch Is there something wrong with the db.zip?

  • Thanks I thought about doing that earlier, but at the rate of dl it will be next year. I love BurstCoin so will stick at it.

    Thank you kindly for your help. Much appreciated.

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    @daWallet Not that I'm aware of - it's zipped up properly, and the wallet that generates it is able to load okay after zipping it. I don't have time to test it at the moment, is some else able to ? Stop your wallet, rename the burst_db folder, create a new burst_db folder and extract the zip into - restart wallet. Any issues ?

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    @Baron Try the db.zip again - stop your wallet, download the zip and extract into your burst_db folder overwriting all existing files, then restart the wallet. The blockchain will continue downloading, but there will be < 24 hours worth of blocks to catch up on, instead of several years worth.

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    @haitch Maybe not stopping the wallet during copying really destroys the db somehow. Then the local wallet won't start anymore.

  • I shall try a fresh extract. There is nothing in the burst_db folder at the moment. Hell,I might as well dl the db folder all over again and give it a go. This time with the client off ofcourse. It may save me a few years. heh.

    I'm only working with 1.4 terabytes but if this comes off on the mining, I hope to get more.

    I'm not the most pc savvy as I work with macs usually but I like Burst a lot...

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    @daWallet I do stop the wallet that generates, zip the db, and then restart the wallet. Sometimes though the stop corrupts the DB, and the wallet won't restart, and the download is bad - but the wallet has started for multiple days in a row without issue, so shouldn't be a bad zip/db.

  • Yep, I extracted db into the correct folder.

    Same problem with local wallet...wait for 10 minutes notification.

    Looks like somewhere along the line something got corrupted but not sure what.

    I will delete and just stick with waiting for dl directly from client I suppose.

    That's true Burstdedication for ya..

  • @Baron I got some time now, how far did you get in the process

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    @Baron Maybe it just takes more than 10 minutes. We have to find out why it is not working to improve it. 🙂

  • I have to say great support from peeps here.


  • Update: I extracted into the folder with client off.

    After 10 minutes gained access to Local wallet. The pop up kindly informed me that I had mined ten blocks into a fork.

    And even though I have extracted the db into the correct folder, the progress bar is just at the beginning.

    It's okay, I can wait..

  • @Baron if you are using Burst client Windows v0.3.5, you can mine at the same time.

    Now maybe at this point stop your wallet, make a copy of the current burst_db_folder. Label it good. Now extract the downloaded blockhain into the burst_db folder. Startup your wallet and lets see if it works because you should be well into the block numbers

  • 0_1477497612766_blockchain progress.png

    I estimate at this rate it should be at least 64 hours before my wallet is up and running. It's good to hear I can keep mining now but it's hard to know if I'm making any progress.

    When you say label it good, can I name the folder Scooby_Snacks or something like that?

  • @Baron not sure your are in the right pool for the amount of hard drive space you have. Plus that pool looks stuck or did it take 5 seconds to load?

  • Maybe you can give me some tips on what pool to join?

    Is the German one good?

    Also I ran the PlotsChecker and it fixed all my blocks etc, however when I went to do some mining it said in red that the plots were overlapping.

  • you can join mine if you want lol. we have a chat so can help with any issues you have
    also all of them plots are overlapped.

    where it says 600000001 that number should change for each plot

    the first one should be 6000000001 and the next one should increase by the number of nonces you had for the last one +1
    so if you did 30000 nonce the next file would be 600030002

    mine look like this