Broken Wings RPG Game for PC Phase 1

  • Broken Wings began several months ago, and is off to a wonderful start. Our development process operates on bare bones, with almost no capital. Our desire is to bring this game to Steam Greenlight, and obtain maximum exposure for our project. Our development team has become larger, and subsequently we require more funding. Any backers of my project, donating a minimum of 250 BURST can contact me for a free download key, so you can be part of the project as it progresses! We even have a discord server for everyone to join - you can come and chat/talk, even suggest characters and stories for the game 🙂 Our aim is to build this alongside the community and we want you to join us! Bring your creativity, and get your name/chat handle in the credits, permanently!

    The Crowdfunding address for the project is
    This address is no longer being used for our project!

    The new Permanent Crowdfunding address is

    If you would like the copy of the Alpha Development version of the game with your 250+ burst donation and free updates, make your donation to the following address instead.
    (When sending to this address - Be sure to request your copy with a message. I will reply with a unique download link)

    Our goal: 100k BURST
    Current Progress 1000+/100,000 (I'll try to keep this updated as much as possible)

    If you would like a preview - you can check out THIS THREAD I used the same engine to make the game that I did for the Lottery RNG Software.

    This is Phase 1 of a 3 Phase project. Stay tuned for updates! Any questions, feel free to leave them on this thread 🙂

    Huge thanks to my first backer @daWallet ❤

  • Unfortunately - it does not look like we will meet our deadline for the Crowdfunding. there are only a few blocks to go, and we are only at about 1% of our goal. The crowdfunding is a WONDERFUL tool, and I urge others to use it, but I do not believe that the Crowdfunding approach is going to be for us - atleast not yet.

    We are still continuing forward with our Phase 1 goal of raising 100k Burst, and deploying to major publishing platforms, but we will not be using the crowdfunding features until our development has more of a following. That being said. We will open a new wallet - A permanent crowdfunding address if you will - and once we reach our project goal for Phase 1 using that wallet, we will put it into a crowdfund for the project, to instantaneously reach our goal.

    We sincerely appreciate the support of the BURST team, and their wonderful platform, and look forward to making more games and such for this community 😃

  • @MadeBySaints Hey, if I want to donate and try the Alpha version of the game, do I still have to send the coins to BURST-7437-SYAP-TDB2-5DNJ9 ?

  • @Gadrah_ yes you can certainly do so if you wish! Just write a note on the transaction so i know its you, and I will reply with a personalized download link 🙂 Thanks so much for the interest in my project! I will not be near my computer for most of the day, but as soon as I get back, I'll check.

    Also @daWallet , I know you were the first project backer, and i sincerely appreciate your support! Please DM me if you would like a copy as well. I have enough keys for the whole admin team to try it out if you want 🙂

  • @MadeBySaints Donation sent 🙂

  • @Gadrah_ Donation recieved 500 BURST - Sent you 2 download keys 😃 thanks you so much! If you have any issues with the download or anything, let me know, and i'll make it right. Its updated weekly at this point as my team is working on multiple branches.

    p.s. You rock!