OpenCL, AVX or Default?

  • Hello, I have recently started Burst mining and I have figured out that OpenCL does something with my graphics card, which I have a decent one, a GTX 750. I was wondering what is better, OpenCL, AVX or Default. Any tips would be great!

  • @ShocK I have a gtx750 and it was good however windows 7 and java didn't like it and I would run out of memory. I have a dualcore cpu which can find blocks from a pool too so what is really needed is lots of hard drive space.

  • @Burstde So, OenCL is the best? I just need some memory? I have 8GB of RAM. Is that enough? I'm a gamer, so i have a decent PC.

  • @ShocK Yeah 8gb is good. Before I ruined my Gbyte. socket 775 motherboard. I have a intel E5800 overclocked to 3.9mhz with 8gb of ddr2 ram and a Gybte gtx 750ti.
    I was installing a msi950ti with an old cx600 psu from a antminer and the connection going to the motherboard shorted.

    Now I mine with 5tb using a Pentium D 915(server) and finding blocks. then using a Precision E6510 laptop (i5) I mine with 10tb

    Until I figure out a new pc

  • @Burstde Okay thanks for the help!