Plotting on Drive Sharing or raid 0

  • If I have 30TB all setup as raid 0 with multiple video cards continually adding plots to the drive am I losing out on optimisation or read speed because the plots may go across multiple drives instead of being optimised on each drive?

    Ideally every time I get a new hard drive I just hot swap it into to the same mining directory, but I don't want to go this route if it has more cons than pros?

  • admin

    @superskid Fastest mining is one plot per drive - don't strip or span. Use multithreading to hit multiple drives simultaneously.

  • Thanks, some of my drives have 2 plots to fill up the left over space when after plotting the full drive. They are usually small to fill up the last few GB, that matter for speed?

  • admin

    @superskid Nope - some of my drives have exactly the same. As long as the bulk of the drive is a single plot (preferably optimized), you're good