Marketplace Website 2.0???

  • So I'm doing a little research on the the Marketplace and saw this,

    @luxe said in Marketplace Web Site:

    @daWallet The Market webpage was not that nice anyway ... no big loss i think. (Was just listing all products ... thats a one day job)
    Everyone with some php knowledge or whatever can use this API to build a nice decentralized market for us.
    And yes i know ... no progress yet, but we will have a blockchain picture upload, that would be perfect addition to market.
    I'm planning to do a market plugin for wallet for longer time now ... but always so much other things to do ...

    Can this be done on a separate website (wordpress?) Or does it have to be in the wallet in order for it to work? Is it possible to also incorporate images of the products into the marketplace?

  • admin

    Sure it can be a separate website (not sure if wordpress would be the best choice), using the burst wallet api. And yes images are no problem ... you could store them on the blockchain if wanted. Or just have links to them on the chain. I would prefer a plugin for wallet. Cause if i buy or add a product, i would never provide my pass to a website.

  • @luxe ok thank you. You're right adding a pass to a website is a bad idea. I'll just add a link back to the forum post for now.