Burst Casino Asset

  • Hello there!
    Welcome to the official release of the Burst Casino Asset, the First (and currently only) Burstcoin gambling site.

    Name: casino
    Asset ID: 15266167261394017138
    Burstcoin Wallet ID: BURST-9JXW-F3YW-U8RG-ESSDG
    Total Number of Assets: 1'000'000 (One Million)
    Dividends: Weekly
    Payout based in: Burstcoin

    For more info about Burst Casino, please click here.

    If you are new to the community and don't know me, I'm known as Zeus, been here since July 2016, founder of Burst Casino.

    Own a share of the first and only Burstcoin Casino, and the highest paying asset ever!

    Owning a share of the asset means you get a share of the earnings, you don't own or are entitled to a share of the casino company.

  • Is 45% to the bank a moving number? I would think this should be adjusted based on bets against, eventually you will hit a point where using proper Kelly criteria the bank is WAY too large and more could be distributed to shareholders.

  • @superskid That's an excellent question!

    And yes, the bank value is/will be a moving number, for now, we require that amount to make sure we get enough to pay when good times (for the users) hits 😃

  • Well hello everyone 😃
    Today is the first of this month, as I said in a post in the previous asset (Burst Games) I've already paid out this month to the old users that hold a share there, and that I will not do a payout of dividends for this month in Burst Casino Assets.

    Well... SURPRISE!! I know it has only been 4 days since the release of Burst Casino Assets, but as I was expecting, this new version brought many new users and even users from other currencies that now are part of Burstcoin, I'm so happy with this, and that we made a great start!

    Another SURPRISE 😃 for being an early shareholder of the new Burst Casino you will get 100% of the revenue of this month!
    So dividends from Oct 27 to Oct 30 (4 days in total, today count for this month as we are the 1st :D) have been paid for a total of 140'588.25 Burstcoins.

    Thank you, everyone, for once more believing in this project and helping out with your Burst, Burst Casino have only one game at this moment, more are coming, and with that, I hope more revenue!

    Amount paid, Account, TX
    121793.5692105, BURST-9JXW-F3YW-U8RG-ESSDG, 3297078420619743047
    13726.05261225, BURST-QJPB-7464-5E5B-5NFHJ, 9963929626584478475
    2952.0720735, BURST-YZJ6-LYBY-WAC6-BQYGC, 8895862738910895584
    965.98186575, BURST-GGPX-PP5S-LAGP-CBGCU, 9547765140194361540
    562.353, BURST-X93Z-ZP4U-QPGS-7C4TQ, 10242773560910819282
    304.65473775, BURST-3BT5-6RGK-3TQL-GUAJ9, 8721393814472460738
    116.1258945, BURST-SDAC-FFUD-SMCB-D3Q74, 4938957181793089010
    67.7635365, BURST-WT7J-2LPQ-ALRU-CGLUH, 10466827320116846846
    28.11765, BURST-FSHW-ZSDW-689J-A8FP2, 2813087383209996595
    18.2764725, BURST-2CYU-BZCC-5J3J-33CG8, 12416500851638686049
    14.058825, BURST-ES5N-MTPD-F4RD-A5B5A, 17142589024747390057
    14.058825, BURST-HFJY-C6JE-8V76-76XZ9, 11298317994531121823
    7.45117725, BURST-2VK6-XJDE-G47S-6CLJT, 11345421216644112776
    6.4670595, BURST-R7BP-7668-XM5Z-BBV4Q, 3890098183977417517
    2.811765, BURST-LU3K-L8T7-3C66-63W5K, 9143111065027496669
    2.10882375, BURST-YE7S-Q8SG-RQLZ-6MAYU, 9314041223039330611
    1.9682355, BURST-SKAL-5HDP-U7B5-G926K, 2997256013689899607
    1.4058825, BURST-QRSN-NEY4-5Z9H-3BBDM, 12506317105578592413
    1.4058825, BURST-HWZ2-S2Q2-R6TP-BD6WK, 3144471866381262322
    1.4058825, BURST-MKWC-BBMJ-G83Z-7L9YX, 7251076856980197054
    0.14058825, BURST-BVUE-CTGY-39HG-GL99N, 18160043836880712738
    ------------All transactions processed------------

  • Hello, Burst Casino asset holders.
    I'm extremely happy to announce that our new game is out, it's called Pyramid, and it's a "bean machine" game with provably fairness.

    I want to take the time to thank all and every one of you that are part of this project. Burst Casino is one of the most time-consuming assets that are in the market at this moment (for me haha). And it's thanks to your generous help that it exists.

    The time I spend doing the research (for design, game, algorithm, security, etc), developing this site and every game and everything that has to do with Burst Casino brings me so much joy. I'm happy to be able to build this project with and for all of us. We needed a gambling site for Burstcoin and I can personally say that we have a great one! Hahaha!

    Even if maybe we don't make that much dividend like other assets at this moment, I believe that Burst Casino will be much more than it at this state.

    This is only the beginning of an amazing journey!

  • @Zeus I agree... Thanks for the continous development!

  • @gpedro Thanks a lot 😃

  • Oh and I forgot to say that I'm waiting for @haitch 's letter to identify myself to him, so besides knowing my real address by @crowetic, now it will also be by @haitch, and I will have a logo or something to put in my post 😃

  • You're a hero, @Zeus 🙂

  • Thanks @Propagandalf 😃

  • Hello everyone!
    Some amazing changes are coming to Burst Casino.

    I got a message from a group of investors, and after some conversations I decided to take the offer they were giving me, this is great news for the people that already hold Burst Casino assets, as it means you bought them at a pretty nice price.

    These private investors have many resources that I don't have, and this will increase the number of players that Burst Casino currently hold per day.

    Another amazing thing about this is that thanks to this deal, it will also help Burstcoin in general, if more members join, more people buy Burst then the prices will raise, and it's a win for everyone.

    Here is the share of the assets in our final deal:
    43% for the private investors;
    14.4% it's already in the public asset holders;
    20% for Bank;
    20% to Me;
    2.6% for the Burst Dev Team;

    The investors agreed to share a portion of what they have requested, to the Burst dev team. They are people that care a lot about Burst and it's in their best interest that Burst succeed.

    Obviously, I can buy/sell the amount of assets I have and anyone else too, so these numbers can/will change at any time and are only for reference of the deal with the private investors ^_^

    The asset is public as always and you are able to buy and sell on the Asset Exchange in the Burst Wallet 😉

  • Hello again ^_^
    Payment to the current asset holders sent.

    casino (15266167261394017138) Total found assets: 1000000, Assets to be distributed: 144721
    Summary of proposed distribution of  39862.16BURST to 27
    Based on asset holders at timestamp 72842168 (Wed, 16 Mar 2016 13:56:08 GMT)
    Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
    97633, BURST-QJPB-7464-5E5B-5NFHJ, 26892.17368094
    20998, BURST-YZJ6-LYBY-WAC6-BQYGC, 5783.71926452
    16088, BURST-KKZA-XK7H-8YZ5-BKR87, 4431.30181577
    5000, BURST-GGPX-PP5S-LAGP-CBGCU, 1377.20717795
    1975, BURST-7C4H-2JA3-EQ7L-BTYKX, 543.99683529
    826, BURST-SDAC-FFUD-SMCB-D3Q74, 227.5146258
    682, BURST-8Q7P-TYJT-HV3E-BGZWS, 187.85105907
    349, BURST-R7BP-7668-XM5Z-BBV4Q, 96.12906102
    250, BURST-CYZV-LA84-VQZK-5QEJD, 68.8603589
    200, BURST-FSHW-ZSDW-689J-A8FP2, 55.08828712
    167, BURST-44FY-YB7W-BDCJ-32ECU, 45.99871974
    130, BURST-2CYU-BZCC-5J3J-33CG8, 35.80738663
    100, BURST-ES5N-MTPD-F4RD-A5B5A, 27.54414356
    100, BURST-HFJY-C6JE-8V76-76XZ9, 27.54414356
    53, BURST-2VK6-XJDE-G47S-6CLJT, 14.59839609
    50, BURST-NV6W-M49T-9H4Y-8ZE26, 13.77207178
    25, BURST-EUGR-BZ97-JG3W-3CWCW, 6.88603589
    20, BURST-LU3K-L8T7-3C66-63W5K, 5.50882871
    15, BURST-YE7S-Q8SG-RQLZ-6MAYU, 4.13162153
    14, BURST-SKAL-5HDP-U7B5-G926K, 3.8561801
    12, BURST-2XLE-PNGZ-SZY3-6BSLC, 3.30529723
    10, BURST-QRSN-NEY4-5Z9H-3BBDM, 2.75441436
    10, BURST-HWZ2-S2Q2-R6TP-BD6WK, 2.75441436
    10, BURST-MKWC-BBMJ-G83Z-7L9YX, 2.75441436
    2, BURST-KAX7-CGMU-2X7B-CMFBH, 0.55088287
    1, BURST-9VTW-PC7X-4CVH-5TJQH, 0.27544144
    1, BURST-BVUE-CTGY-39HG-GL99N, 0.27544144

  • @Zeus said in Burst Casino Asset:

    Some amazing changes are coming to Burst Casino.

    I read your update, and it looks very promising! I*m curious about what the future will bring 🙂

  • @Propagandalf for now it looks so promising haha already increased the burst limit in the game and put in the bank 1M, we have many big players!

  • @Zeus I am fairly new to BURST but already bought few assets and once my btc unclogs from the constipated blockchain, it's been stuck in there for the past 15 hours and I can put in my buy order for BURST, I will buy a few of the Casino asset also, I like it..

  • @qibucks thanks quibucks 😃 we are already having amazing results and even we are reducing the dividends payout time! A little more on this in the following hours 🙂

  • Hello investors, I have fantastic news.
    The dividends payout will be done today, and will be done every Monday (yes, weekly instead of monthly like before).

    Did you saw what were the payouts for the last months? this one will reflect why our assets are the most expensive ones, no existing asset have paid this much, in only 5 of days. A total of 1.6 million burstcoins is sent to the asset holders.

    Oh yeah!!! I would love the see the face of the ones that bought Burst Casino Assets when it was at 100-125 burst each hahaha!!
    And this is only the beginning, so expect higher incomes, with more people playing on the site every day (more than 200+ users register per day) and a lot of updates on the site, the burst casino assets price will rise and more profits for everyone, players included, because even more than this amount has been paid out to players this month.

    casino (15266167261394017138) Total found assets: 1000000, Assets to be distributed: 1000000
    Summary of proposed distribution of  1600000BURST to 41
    Based on asset holders at timestamp 73239294 (Mon, 21 Mar 2016 04:14:54 GMT)
    Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
    200000, BURST-ZEUS-JRB4-85CQ-E4KE2, 320000
    200000, BURST-RRP8-XJGE-3S35-2UP3N, 320000
    97633, BURST-QJPB-7464-5E5B-5NFHJ, 156212.8
    43000, BURST-E2AB-2A7K-42FX-FFBSS, 68800
    43000, BURST-8E5F-S27J-LQYE-873SB, 68800
    43000, BURST-NCLP-QTET-4FJQ-9LXJ6, 68800
    43000, BURST-JDHH-WATK-PBBQ-BJM7M, 68800
    43000, BURST-EU3D-SVUG-DJVC-7LSMG, 68800
    43000, BURST-GH8R-WV53-CHBN-D53A4, 68800
    43000, BURST-NTUY-3D3W-AENL-9UCVR, 68800
    43000, BURST-FUPB-4XEW-NH25-CUQ64, 68800
    43000, BURST-FSQN-DB5B-4FSX-8L89D, 68800
    43000, BURST-3NZP-J6QE-2PXW-6D4D6, 68800
    25279, BURST-XEUW-JCYX-BSQ6-4ACRF, 40446.4
    20998, BURST-YZJ6-LYBY-WAC6-BQYGC, 33596.8
    16088, BURST-KKZA-XK7H-8YZ5-BKR87, 25740.8
    5000, BURST-GGPX-PP5S-LAGP-CBGCU, 8000
    1855, BURST-7C4H-2JA3-EQ7L-BTYKX, 2968
    826, BURST-SDAC-FFUD-SMCB-D3Q74, 1321.6
    682, BURST-8Q7P-TYJT-HV3E-BGZWS, 1091.2
    349, BURST-R7BP-7668-XM5Z-BBV4Q, 558.4
    250, BURST-CYZV-LA84-VQZK-5QEJD, 400
    200, BURST-FSHW-ZSDW-689J-A8FP2, 320
    167, BURST-44FY-YB7W-BDCJ-32ECU, 267.2
    130, BURST-2CYU-BZCC-5J3J-33CG8, 208
    100, BURST-5JWY-ANW7-HFBM-4QHUV, 160
    100, BURST-ES5N-MTPD-F4RD-A5B5A, 160
    100, BURST-HFJY-C6JE-8V76-76XZ9, 160
    53, BURST-2VK6-XJDE-G47S-6CLJT, 84.8
    50, BURST-NV6W-M49T-9H4Y-8ZE26, 80
    40, BURST-LU3K-L8T7-3C66-63W5K, 64
    25, BURST-EUGR-BZ97-JG3W-3CWCW, 40
    15, BURST-YE7S-Q8SG-RQLZ-6MAYU, 24
    14, BURST-SKAL-5HDP-U7B5-G926K, 22.4
    12, BURST-2XLE-PNGZ-SZY3-6BSLC, 19.2
    10, BURST-QRSN-NEY4-5Z9H-3BBDM, 16
    10, BURST-HWZ2-S2Q2-R6TP-BD6WK, 16
    10, BURST-MKWC-BBMJ-G83Z-7L9YX, 16
    2, BURST-KAX7-CGMU-2X7B-CMFBH, 3.2
    1, BURST-9VTW-PC7X-4CVH-5TJQH, 1.6
    1, BURST-BVUE-CTGY-39HG-GL99N, 1.6

  • @Zeus impressive..i need to get some btc to buy some i missed buying cheap, they were all eaten before i could take a bit but i want to have a few..

  • i have 14 assest was holding off because this was still kind of a risky assest when i got them . looks like the site has taken off and the price of the assest as well without me noticing lol ... price of assest has gone up x4 in the last few days

  • @Gibsalot did you manage to get them cheap? You were lucky hehe..I hope I can buy some in the next few days..but of course I have to pay a premium for them lol.