Blockchain issue winner issue?

  • My pool won block after block (maybe 6 in the hour). Blago miner shows a visible cmd window displaying who won the block and the plot mining info. When I look at the logs can I also get the log file to show the same information about the block winner and want a long logfile of winner names captured. we need to show how many more lost out.

    If the pool isn't forking and is on the same blockchain then when the winner is displayed, why do they not get credited for it when looking at the current winners at ninja pool. Wieme won block 288829 my pool won 288828.
    0_1477592255814_288828 clearly won this block Capture.PNG 0_1477592261865_288828 clearly won this block Capture ninja.PNG

  • ive been having this problem myself. block 288770 someone in my pool won with 3 mins 50 but then suddenly i had the burst removed from my wallet. then when i checked the winner was someone else with 3 minutes 15.
    its happened a lot more over the past week. im currently working on a fix for it on my pool and have some ideas

  • issue in synchronization of wallets (peers)

  • @Blago Yes thankyou worked
    and as far as sync...Maybe beyond my scope of knowledge. Is it specific to this coin? Why/do would/wouldn't bitcoin and/or clones do the same?

    Is this the issue we are trying to solve?

    Also side note are the "Fast block or corupt file" errors diagnose-able. I plot all the time to these 8tb drives from seagate and lowered them to 440gb for that reason then optimize them.

  • @Burstde I need to see logs and screenshot with "Fast block or corupted file" for answer.
    send me [email protected]

    Once I'm used direct mode GPU for plotting and got corrupted plot

  • admin

    @Burstde According to that screenshot "84Booma" "won" the round with a deadline of 28,899 seconds - over 8 hours. there have been some long blocks, but never 8 hour long winning deadlines. don't know why your pool thought it won, but in reality no one is winning a block with a > 8 Hour deadline.

  • @haitch oh'yeah missed that check for seconds. since then I made changes to miner.conf as suggested by Blago and working much better to use a different pool for block winner.