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  • Ok, so I have been trying for a few days to get on the pool, but every time I check the pool for my account name, it doesn't show up. I'm not sure what I did wrong or what.

    I put my passphrase in the passphrases.txt file in the burst folder. I found my unique number. I have done the pool swap to burst-team, I think. Look below for what I mean.

    I have tried doing it directly from the wallet and from the pool's page. Most of the time when I would try to get on the pool, the reward assignment, I would get an error code 5. On the pool's page, it tells me that the person isn't "real" or something.


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    @Phluff Your reward assignment is ok, you are assigned to BURST-32TT-TSAC-HTKW-CC26C / Burst-Team Pool.
    If you are pool mining you don't need your passphrases.txt, but that should not cause errors.
    Please provide a screen of your miner (maybe miner setup is wrong), how many GB/TB are you mining.
    Can't help you more with the info from above.

  • The burst id for the sender and the receiver are the same from the looks of it.

    recipientRS should be the pool and senderRS should be you.

  • alt text

    This image was grabbed after the first block was found. I just don't want to be mining in limbo, so most of the time, I have the miner turned off.

    And I noticed that too, socalguy, but when I try the other way, with the id from what the wallet gives me for the pool, it doesn't work and only gives me error code 5.

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    @socalguy @Phluff

    I checked the reward recipient of account BURST-MFS2-ELGD-4VZU-DYBS9


    And checked the NumericAccountID 11894018496043975481

    {"unconfirmedBalanceNQT":"2537323979298","guaranteedBalanceNQT":"2537323979298","effectiveBalanceNXT":2537323979298,"accountRS":"BURST-32TT-TSAC-HTKW-CC26C","name":"Burst-Team Pool","forgedBalanceNQT":"3779521910000000","balanceNQT":"2537323979298","publicKey":"01819849112da18b881e64d04f832bf27fb12bd258908e96e600070eba076028","requestProcessingTime":0,"account":"11894018496043975481"}

    Seams to be burst team pool. So looks ok for me. (currently)

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    @Phluff You do not show up, because 49GB is very small plotfile ... maybe you were never able to commit a deadline and earn shares on pool.

    Every pool provides a 'targetDeadline' to its miners, you can look them up here:
    The higher this 'targetDeadline' is, the bigger your chance to be able to commit a deadline.
    But if you want to seriously mine, you will need more capacity. With 49GB the calculator says ... you will earn 5 BURST per day (average).

  • I clicked the link that you showed first:


    {"errorDescription":"Unknown account","errorCode":5}

    It also returned the same thing for the other link, though that number isn't right. The one that was returned to me was "12961709804396066560".

    And so you are saying that my amount is too small to actually mine on the pool?

    Should I consider replotting with a much larger size? I did a small size for starting.

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    @Phluff I'm sure your local wallet is not in sync with the network yet, therefore your account is unknown.

    Check network status:


    Guess your numberOfBlocks is lower than 288880.

    You do not need to re-plot ... you can add more and bigger plotfiles. However the size of your plotfiles is your hashpower ... the more capacity the bigger your chance to find good deadlines/results ... that pool will accept.

    Btw. as long as your local wallet is not in sync you can replace 'http://localhost:8125' with '' to do this public requests.

  • @Phluff Have you made an outgoing transaction to create your public address - set a name, send a burst?

  • @socalguy Yes I have. I set my account name and alias.

    @luxe Yeah, I did the thing and saw that my local wallet doesn't match the info for the latest block. I will continue with the download and setup a new plot. Would 500Gb be enough for small mining on the pool, or does there need to be more?

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    @Phluff Yes sure 500GB is much better 🙂 Should be enough to at least be able to commit something from time to time. 12,5 times higher chance than with 39GB ... its like a lottery, more capacity equals buy more tickets. You can win with 39 but 500 are better.

  • I guess I'll be sitting here for a while, waiting on it to plot. Thanks for the help.

    Edit: I see that whenever I choose a size, it allocates for 1Gb less

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    You don't have to be awake to plot 🙂

  • You can mine while plotting.