Linux Help-Some Thoughts

  • I have been working feverishly for about 2 wks to get a 5TB drive where the software will work for me. I think I am getting close, but can't tell because there are no signs to indicate how close I really am-no mile markers. From my research, the main indication is Burst is a Windows client. The reason is unclear. Youtube has many videos about setting up a coin system, however, all seem to be Windows based as is most Internet information.
    I am coming from a Linux (Ubuntu 14.04) view point. This is a different beast altogether. My Linux experience is limited with about 2 years going into setting up a computer and finding, installing, and running programs (as well as working through errors that inevitably crop up). The reason I write all this is that I would like to be a part of Burst and crypto-currency in general.
    I'm sure I am not alone. The forum has given me much needed help and I hope those here will continue to do so, especially to those who are new or in need of some hand holding to see them through to the end. If there are those who have extensive Linux experience and would share that experience as it pertains to Burst (especially plotting setups)-possibly a go to group who could interpret the messages that are received from the terminal (some information is from foreign users).
    This would go along way to further Burst and Linux interests. I hope you don't mind my sharing?

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    @vadirthedark Actually most of the Burst software runs with java and therefore is the same on every system. You need to use the terminal of your ubuntu.

    Download the original Burstcoin software and run it by typing into the terminal:

    Then you can open in your favorite browser the wallet with http://localhost:8125

    For plotting dcct tools are recommended and for mining on linux my favorite are uray's miner. All can be found in the software section.

    Also there is even a gui version for linux:

  • @daWallet what about gpu plotting what you recommend?