GPU Plotting Questions

  • Hi All,

    New to burst and just have a few questions ....

    I am plotting my Drives using my Graphics Card ... Nvidia GTX 970 ...

    When i first started setting them up I was getting around an avg of 30,000 nonces/minute ... and taking around 2 hours to plot 1TB...

    This was when plotting to an internal HDD .. Since then I am wanting to expand to NAS storage, but I am getting around 10,000 nonces/minute and obviously taking alot longer .. I appreciate copying over the network would be slower but thought I should get better than that ... Does anyone know what the AVG is I should be plotting with my card ?

    Also, what would be the ideal values for the devices.txt file ?


  • @Pea Could you not attach the NAS drive to the internal SATA while plotting then return it to the NAS when done?

  • @iKnow0 I don't think I can due to the format of the partition the NAS configures the drives ...


  • @Pea What model of NAS and which type drive configuration are you using.

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