GPU plotter changes stagger value

  • How come the GPU plotter changes the stagger to become identical with nonces? Notice the values in the paths you see in the black screen with the values you see in the textfile at the bottom.

    0_1477705611432_Screenshot 2016-10-29 03.44.17.png

  • 4 plots * 4096000 nonces = 16384000 nonces

  • you are plotting in direct mode! so its allright!
    think of it this way:

    if your plotting in "buffer" mode you are making a plot file which is
    4096000 Bytes divided by 8192 Bytes which is 500 "Parts"

    I guess the Miner needs to know afterwards that all these Parts might not be arranged properly and they are not aligned in from 1 to 409600

    Now if you plott in direct mode which is the same as optimizing them afterwards, you'll get a plotfile which is aligned! (from 1 to 409600)
    therefore the name has to be ..._409600_409600 (no more parts, just one!)

    "arranging" all the nonces is what's taking the gpuPlotgenerator so much longer compared to buffer Mode! but in the end its worth it! believe me!) Reading my nearly 60Tb went down from about 70sec to 24sec after optimizing for 2 Weeks!
    Plotting and optimizing afterwards might be a tiny bit faster. and less annoying!)

  • @nixxda I have 4540 GB in a Hard Drive capacity. What nonces do I start from? How do I calculate it?

  • @JackManMania It doesn't matter where you start from! Size is everything! To my knowledge you've got the same chances to "win a Block" if you start your 4540GB from 0 or from 434406412! If you plot out of the "AIO Wallet" it suggests a starting point!

    As for calculating have a look at this Threadt where haitch made an good example:

    haitch ADMIN 5 months ago @BurstL0rd
    @BurstL0rd - Okay, if you want to make the plot the size of your drive:

    Get the size of your drive in bytes - In windows, Explorer -> Properties will show this to you.
    Divide that number by 262,144 (The size of one nonce)
    Divide that number by your stagger size - the last number in the plot file name
    Round the number down - eg 335,600.152 becomes 335,600
    Multiply that number by your stagger size.
    that Number becomes your plot size - the third number in the plotfile name
    The first number is your numeric account number, the second number is your starting nonce number - make sure they don't overlap. eg if your first plot starts at 0 and is 335,600 nonces, the second plot should start at 335,600.


    So assuming you've got:

    • 5000976658432 [Bytes free Space on your Disc] / 262144 = 19077211.984375

    • 19077211.984375 / 8192 [that is 2GB of RAM] = 19069019.984375

    • Round it down to 19069019

    • 19069019 * 8192 [RAM] = 156213403648 [Plot Size if you use the whole Disk in one Plot file]

    If you want to split the into smaller Plot files you can divide through the number of Parts. Play around! You might find a value which fills you Disk nearly completely!
    But in the end check that you can divide your Plotsize through Ramsize without fractions!

    Now my head hurts a bit!) I'm bad at explaining maths!

    You'll get there......

  • @JackManMania A quick and easy way to calculate the number of nonces is to start the drive plot using the wallet then cancel it with CTRL+C. Open the Burst\plots folder in the drive with explorer and you will see a file of 0 bytes but the filename will have the correct number of nonces and stagger size to use for your GPU plot. No math needed 🙂

  • @nixxda Thank you, this explains it much more clear now! 🙂

  • @iKnow0 Ooooh thanks, i love these shortcuts xD

  • guess I'm a bit anal about filling my disk's!-)
    0_1477749044776_disk.JPG but if it fits!....

    now, if only I had some more luck then lately.....

  • Thanks for good feedback, I've learned new things here. 🙂