BURST Browser - Donation System

  • Hey everyone. I have been talking with @crowetic and we have came to the point that the future donators deserve to know where their donation is going to. Most donations from now on will be going to a seperate Wallet (BURST-WACE-5BXZ-4SL9-BC2B6), which will then be transferred to a CrowdFund Wallet. We will also be posting updates, such as where your donation has gone and what it is going to be used for. We hope to use this on @crowetic new system which has been made to allow full transparency of development and for more of the community to get invlolved.

  • @JackManMania nice job !!

  • Im really looking forward to this 🙂
    If your Browser comes out of development stage, I would love to let my connection be a node in the network! It maybe wont be up 100% of the time but I can tell you that Ill support you 🙂
    How is it going by the way?