[Error 1004] Appears

  • Hello, everyone.

    I'm having a bit of an issue mining Burstcoin and any help would be great.

    First, I'm new to mining cryptocurrencies and this is my first attempt using the Burstcoin Wallet NRS Version 1.2.6. Second, I have already sent Burstcoins to other wallets to have my account verified.

    The problem I'm having is after attempting to start mining the following messge appears:
    "[Eror 1004] Your Burst account's reward reciepent does not match pool's account."

    I have changed pools and restarted my computer several times to try and resolve the issue, but they didn't work. I even clicked on both "change" buttons in the miner window, but that didn't work either.

    I listed the burst address of the pool party as the recipient and listed my passphrase in the other box. After inputting that info I clicked on the "start mining (default)" tab (I'm assuming that's the correct one to click).

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • the problem here starts with Reward Recipient and choosing the pool you will mine on. Pick a pool and use that reward receipint (examply for my poool below)

    Quick Guide:
    Download and Run your burst client (wallet)
    Using your browser go to
    on the bottom ( see "Set reward recipient" )
    Put your account secret passphrase there (the one you use to login into your wallet)
    set recipient as
    click submit, then wait for 4 block

  • Thanks for the input, Burstde. I'm not certain if it worked though as I'm receiving the following message:
    "{'result': Passphrase does not match reward recipient,' 'requestprocesstime':0"

    However, my Dashboard now lists a "Recent Blocks" column, which it never did before. But no Burstcoins have been deposited into my wallet, so I'm going to wait 24 hours to see if any are.

    Also, there is no deadline (is there suppose to be one?) and the messages for the DL are "found" and "Sent." Are three messages suppose to appear for the DL to mine properly?

    Lastly, I'm mining on a 5 year-old computer that was laying around the house not doing anything and it's mining with 200 GB. Is that practical for your pool? I didn't find info about the pool.

    BTW, the reward assignment link you put in your first post doesn't work.

    Thanks again.

  • @coinbit17

    Use one of these to set your reward assignment.


    Once done, check this area of the pool.

    The block number will need to increase more than four times. Then you should be able to get into the pool. Also, when adding your passphrase and the pools burst id, ensure there are no added spaces at the front or end of the info.

    Payouts are usually once you've reached 300 Burst or after a 24 period has ended. Which ever comes first. Info regarding all pools can be found here.

    Yes, you can mine with 200gb but the chances of winning a block will not be abundant. Also, the amount you will receive from the pool will also be low. Based on your hdd space, you should be able to achieve 47 Burst per day. See here

  • @coinbit17 How is it going? what are the first 4 of your address and we can see how you are doing.

  • Hi, everyone. Sorry about the late response. I got a little sidetracked.

    So after reading the replies I tried joining @Bursde's pool, but couldn't for some reason and don't know what the issue was. Before posting my original question I was trying to join @Socalguy's pool, pool.burstcoin.party, because it seemed like something better suited for my computer since I'm only using 200 GB. But, again, I couldn't mine.

    So I ended-up mining with pool.burstcoin.de because, well, it's working. I don't even know if my maximum profit potential is sufficient with this pool, or how distributions work with it. I think this makes the 4th day that I've been mining with them and yesterday (the third day) 393 Burstcoin were deposited into my wallet. Mining with this pool still has flaws, though, as I occasionally receive error messages like DL not confirmed.

    The first four characters of my wallet address are KACY.

    I have another laptop that's about 9 years old that I'm looking to put to work mining as well. The Burstcoin Wallet has been downloaded onto it but a message appears saying the software isn't compatible with the browser. This is likely because the computer has Windows Vista installed. I was thinking of installing Linux because it's free, but read on a different post that it can be a pain in the ass mining with Linux. So I'm going to look into how Windows 7 (to save money) works with mining.