Plot Optimizer hanging

  • I have optimized countless plots, but I have one that seems to hang at 312 nonces. I have tried changing how much ram the optimizer uses and it still hangs. Plot checker says the original plot is fine, the hard drive I am writing the optimized plot to seems to be fine, not sure what else to try?

  • @superskid sorry this is not an answer but is it normal for it to use 100% of my cpu cores at 100% for the a long time and it still sits at 4%?? I have amd 8350 8 cores oc to 4.5 its doing 5985 nounces per minute.. seems like its gonna take a day or 2?? for a 2 tb hdd.. is that normal?

  • At that nonces per minute it will definitely take a while. Try to use a GPU.