No easy life for a Linux User...

  • Hi all.
    I'm new to these mining operations but, so far, I realize that a Linux user, specially one with a headless server, has no easy life...
    Started using Burst with AIO Wallet (for windows). Wallet, plotting, mining, all work ok but I need to keep my PC running 24/7. I have a home server, running Ubuntu Server and I would benefit from changing the mining operation to that PC, since it is on 24/7 anyway. Well, the idea is good, but a nightmare to implement. There are Linux applications (well, they run on JAVA) but trying to operate the mining remotely (SSH, the only access I have to the server) has been, so far, unsuccessful.
    Users would really benefit from a software like AIO Wallet but, for Linux! Or, at least, some Linux miner that can be operated remotely (via Web GUI).

    Any suggestions? They would be highly appreciated... Thanks in advance.

  • @HotDrive If you server has the resources, a windows VM running on the server, then VNC in remotely.

  • as a linux user myself you can run everything from a headless server

    the #1 app for doing this is called screen

    ssh in

    type screen hit enter 2x

    launch the command for the local wallet
    then hit ctrl + a then d
    write down the name of the screen it then gives you xxxx.????????
    do this for each command you need to launch

    this will keep the commands running even after you logoff from ssh

  • @HotDrive yes, I've noticed that aswell!-/
    what I've got working is the CPUPlotter and a modified Miner.
    there is a description of the Miner here in the Forum

    I would love to use the jminer but I have so far failed to get OpenCL running on my headless server. but I think I'd need a hardware or "xserver-xorg-video-dummy" for that to work. But haven't had the time jet.

    There is the burst-mining-system with an Web GUI but I've had no luck with that.

  • @nixxda Tried the Burst-mining-system with same result here. Their idea sounds ok but I can't work out how to solve some issues with maven...

  • @iKnow0 It's a solution but it would be simpler to have an AIO Wallet for Linux that could be acceded via "http://<ip-of-machine>:<port>". Anyone up for the chalenge? 🙂 Unfortunately my skills aren't good enough for creating such a thing... 😞