Mining and Plotting **21Tb** HELP for Beginners

  • Hi guys, could you kindly help me in those questions bellow?
    Just to clarify:
    Hardware: Notebook Dell I5 quad-core – 8Gb RAM
    HDD – 1 External Drive Usb 3.0 with 500Gb (plotted)
    HDD – 1 External Drive Usb 3.0 with 250Gb (plotted)
    HDD – 1 Internal with 450Gb (plotted)
    HDDs – 5 External Drives Usb 3.0 with 4Tb witch one (to Plot)
    All HDDs are in the Hub USB 3.0
    So, here go my questions:
    What is the best model to plot this 5 HDDs? Plot full 4tb each one or make partitions in the drive (8 of 500Gb for example)?
    The best program to do this is the standard wallet program or you have other program to do this?
    About the optimize plot. Is it necessary to me? Do you have any link or tutorial to make this?
    How can I do to mine solo? Do you have any link or tutorial that help me in this case? 21Tb is good to go solo?

    Guys … Appreciated for your help and let me know if you need more informations.


  • Hi there,

    On 4TB drive I usually make 2TB plots as I can move/optimize more fast.
    The wallet plotter is ok, but prefer to use GPU plotter instead of CPU plotter, the speed difference is really big. (you will find all software/tuto about it on the forum).
    Optimize plots is useless if you can read all of your plots in a good time, but if it take more than 30-40, yeah you really need to do it.
    (This will not give you more mining power but, if you got too long read times, you can miss a fast block.)
    If you want to solo mine, just change your reward assignement to your own address. I think that 20TB is a bit short to solomine but with all your drives plotted, it will be enough to win blocks time to time 🙂 .
    This is how to change your reward assignment to mine on :
    (Put your numeric burst address instead of 1109548207631716868 to mine solo.)

    Have a nice day.


  • @BenBurst thank for your advise!

    About the 2Tb .... The best practice is create a partition or plot 2Tb and after plot more 2Tb expanding the plot?

    Is it possible ploying and mining at the same time?

    Best Regards

  • You can mine and plot at the same time,
    create partition of the size of the disk, just split that size in two to make your plots 😉