Predict how long before the price of burst gets to 600 Dollars for 1 burst

  • Feel free to give a prediction. how long do you think it would take to burst-coin to rise to 600 dollars to 1 burst-coin

  • @econfido Never and I seriously doubt we will even see 1 Dollar to 1 Burst


  • @econfido 10+ years if ever, if burst follows the course bitcoin took it will be over 10 years. simply because the max # of burst coins is so much more than Bit coins. but considering how many other alt coins there are that do have good solid platforms and dev's backing them i feel burst will follow a longer incline path than bitcoin. now given what i have seen so far with burst and the little i have hear about thats in the work's... also that its essentuly based on and improved on NXT witch has been in the #2 spot and currently having issues. i can see burst geting to 1$ per burst but that is still a wile off and would need a huge boost of new people to get involved.

  • IMO burst should never go above 10 cents a piece. This coin is meant to be heavily circulated, not hoarded like BTC, and everyone needs to afford it. That's my 2 cents

  • Never. That would give burst a 1.2 trillion dollar marketcap.

    I'll be very happy if BURST hit $0.01

  • Burst 1 dollar you can imagine, but in a long future scenario. I believe Burst is a coin like @nameless said. If reaches 10 or 20 cents its good. But who knows the future and what the team has in store.

  • @econfido Tomorrow

  • It could reach 0.10$ maybe in 1-3 years. The only thing that can make this possible is to make burst visible to great investors.

  • @BURSTguy i would add that the fact burst has such a green low cost mining that burst can make a huge jump in the market just from the android mining option after it gets fine tuned and starts being pushed into the public view.

  • Never. Why? Because if 1 BURST is $600, the transaction fee wold be $600 as well, and nobody will use BURST...

  • @TMP Those 1 Burst transaction fees could change in the future of course (and I'm sure it will change if the value goes up significantly)

  • @Gadrah_ I'm sure that the fees won't let the value of 1 BURST grow bigger than 1 dollar.

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