Exchange BURST for Gift Card

  • Hi guys!

    I've been looking for some deals with gift cards and i found a place where people are making pretty sweet rates, so i'm making a business of it xD

    Your Advantage in buying with me is that you will get a bonus on your buy... So this is what i can guarantee you for now:

    Minimum Buy - 15'000 Burst - Receive 12.60$ on GiftRocket (20% bonus)
    At least 250'000 Burst - Receive 245$ on GiftRocket (40% bonus)

    *This calculations were made with Value of Burst (0.00000100 BTC) and Value of BTC (700 USD). The final values will change depending on BURST and BTC value on the day that the trade begins...
    ** In case you want to buy with BTC the values of the bonus are the same taking in valuation the rate BURST/BTC in the day we make the deal...

    Before every deal contact me please, i will give you the best deal i could get you, the rates that i mentioned above are only the deals i can guarantee you for 24h... Sometimes appear deals even better in front of me that i don't have money to enter in it... To give you guys an example, yesterday if i had 1'000'000 Burst to make the deal i would get 14'000$ at my Amazon account by now... That would be an amazing deal right?

    I know what you guys are thinking about that offer: "How could that offer not be a SCAM?"...

    Well the truth is that it wasn't a scam... What this guys do is buy big amounts in bulk orders and they distribute the gift card, but GiftRocket allows to withdraw money to a Bank Account (as far as i know only work inside USA) or to Amazon GiftCards aslong as another smaller stores, so is a really good deal, especially to the ones with USA Banks Accounts...

    Right now i don't have the money to make possible the transfers to be faster so i can't guarantee less than 24 hours to the gift card to be delivered... I mean that right now it can take me between some hours to a day to have the gift ready because i don't have cash flow to have it through some exchangers, i'm working in details to open an asset from this store so this transfers could be make it faster and i am planning to comercialize more gift cards, so if you guys want other gift cards please let me know what gift cards are and i probably can make some good deal with you too! xP

    So how the deal works:

    1 - You PM me saying how much you want to buy and what gift card you want. To receive the Gift Card you will need an account in GiftRocket so you could create one xD
    2 - I will reply with the best deal i could get you or say that for that gift card i don't have any deal and i will say the address for where you will send the Burst or BTC
    3 - You will tell me your name and e-mail (on GiftRocket case)
    4 - As soon as the money arrives i will start doing the deals and i will get back to you when you should have the gift on your e-mail
    5 - You redeem the gift and tell me so i could release the payment to who is selling the gift...

    Let's make some deals guys ;P

  • "The Gift-Card Quotienteer"

  • Hi! How much burst would a $700 Amazon gift card cost?

  • @gpedro said in Exchange BURST for Gift Card:

    Minimum Buy - 15'000 Burst - Receive 12.60$ on GiftRocket (20% bonus)
    At least 250'000 Burst - Receive 49$ on GiftRocket (40% bonus)

    How does 15k give $12.60 and 250k gives $49? Do you mean that the latter gives $490? I must be missing something in this equation 😕

  • @Propagandalf Yes, I think he omitted an unknown integer and was a little loose with the percentage bonus, since:

    • if 15000b = $12.60 then b=$0.00084 or more specifically w/o 20% bonus then b=$0.000672 (but this also "does not compute" since 20% of $0.000672 is $0.0001344 and $0.0006720 + $0.0001344 = $0.0008064 not $0.00084). This would actually be a 25% bonus since (.25 * .000672) + .000672 = $0.00084

      THEN (w/ a 40% bonus of the b=.000672 base)

    • 250000b = 250000 * (.000672 x .4) + .000672 = $235.20

    But generally if 15k burst = $12.60 with a 20% (or 25%) bonus, then 250k burst w/ just a 20-25% bonus should be $210.00 and doubling the bonus to 40% should make the 250k = $252.00

    So, in the end, I'm confused and need a fucking nap.

  • @Feltersnatch said in Exchange BURST for Gift Card:

    So, in the end, I'm confused and need a fucking nap.

    LoL, me too 🙂

  • @Propagandalf @Feltersnatch Hey guys sorry for the delay but i couldn't be much online today xD

    Actually 250k correspond to 245$ in amazon gift card with a 40% bonus included already wich means that for every dollar you are paying in BTC or Burst you will get 1.4$ in Amazon... sorry for the typo in there and thank you for noticing mates ;P

    @kohai 700$ in there would be 715'000 Burst

    But i am suspending this offer for now because the deal i had with one guy was to sell his gift cards, but in the last 24h that guy sold 30k worth in gift cards and that was all he had... He said he will be buying more as soon as he get's more money to invest in BTC from his partners...

    But in the meanwhile there are some other deals on the table that i am evaluating but my problem is if those guys are thrustworthy so i have to talk to them and understand their deal before i put other people money in it...

    So if you are willing to spent like 25$ to see if their system works good before making a big buy, PM me and i will see what i can do and what are the active deals... I don't want to scam nobody but some of this offers are scams and i have to know who are the thrustworthy guys before making a buy. In the escrows i use there are some indicators like reputation, volume of transactions, comments from previous buyers and i like to make small buys first to see if all works well because there are some deals that show up somethimes that are too good to be true but sometimes they are really a legit businesses.

    So if you want to buy, let's say, a couple of USB3.0 hubs from amazon or ebay just PM me and we will be able to test it with 25$ or so...

  • Has anyone actually tried this? I would like to hear an experience with this seller from someone.

  • @nhallums No one tried and no one can try until i have this open again because the guy with who i had this deal sold around 30k€ worth of Gift Cards in about 24 hours and he has no more gift cards to sell at this point, but he should have more in the future so until i have another good deal i will not open this business again... But if you want to try let me know what is the amount you want to buy and i will see if i can get you some good deal! xD

  • Well, I actually wanna buy but I was a day late. ğŸ˜ž