Excel rounds off numbers - beware when making plotting overview

  • I just completed plotting 4 TB across 4 different HDDs, only to find out that my reward recipient didn't match... After much fiddling about I realized that my final 5 digits of my numerical account ID were rounded off to zeroes in the spreadsheet I created in Excel. Naturally, my plots are now messed up and I have to do them all again thanks to Excel. I have now changed the cell types to "text" just so that it doesn't trick me again. Plotting was done using an nVidia as well, so it took 5 days. How rewarding it feels that it was all done in vain.

    Is it possible to just change the numeric ID in the file name, or are all plots now specifically written for my faulty numeric ID?

  • just rename your files :) it should work

  • admin

    @Propagandalf I got bit in the ass by the same issue :(

    The plots are useless - nuke and replot sorry.

  • admin

    @LithStud Nope - the plots are unique to the Miner ID - can't just rename them.

  • @haitch ahh didnt know that, that sucks if only thing wrong was account numeric id

  • you can fix it by using a notepad and putting a dash on the last number of the loooooooong numbers before you transfer to excel (ex. 1231412354236544376-9) I do this a lot. My excel skills is godlike (just kidding) xD

    I just learned that you can change to text format. Thanks @Propagandalf you just changed my excel world a lot. Like i said, my excell skill is godlike noob! hahahha

  • @jervis You're welcome. I'm happy that some good came out of this, hehe! :)