Too many "Not Confirmed"

  • pool has been giving me a lot of not confirmed DLs just in the last few days to a week...I also won a block yesterday and never got a payment for it. Unfortunately I don't have that height number but it was supposed to pay me 959 Burst. Anyway is there something I need to do to fix these issues or am I just seeing what happens when crypto currency starts to rise in popularity?

  • @Dedsyte For your not confirmed dl issue, you should read the replies in this thread :
    From what I saw on the forum, a lot of users were able to solve that issue by switching pools.

    Are you sure you won a block yesterday ? Submitting the best deadline in the pool does not mean winning a block. For example :

    Here, "Serv_m" won a block, but "apan" did not, even if he had the best deadline for that pool.