Plot Stagger size ??

  • what is the differance betwen ploting with a large stagger vs small stagger ? and effects stagger size has on mining ?

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    You may understand if you read about optimize plotfiles
    On mining you will need 'number of nonces' / 'stagger size' drive seeks, so on small stagger mining will stress harddrives more and need more time.

  • @luxe ok looks like i really need to optimize my plots.. was wondering if stagger size effected mining speed... currently i have 750g , 3tb , 5tb plotted and i avrage 233 sec to read them seemed realy long for 8tb worth of plots i left 40g open on the 3 & 5tb drives and around 20g on the 750g . i attempted optimizing but the program runs Ram heavy and i only have 4g ram running windows 10 ... best i could get without the comp crashing was 512 ram wile mining and surfing the web on the comp or 768 ram leting the comp idle .. that left me with a dead line on the 3TB plot of 60+ days so i just turned it off and finished plotting the remainder of my 5TB to full..... im also running an older gfx card and plotted my drives with a stagger of 512 much much lower than what was recomended when i was reading the fourms learning to setup my rig

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    Try optimize via not sure if it runs smoth with 512MB memory or something, but you will need a free drive (same capacity like source plot) to optimize to.

  • @Gibsalot Hey mate, I suppose that optimization will save your life. System specs (brands included)?

  • @Dario's-wallet MSI 970a SLI krait ed Mobo, AMD 8320e black ed cpu , 4g ram , amd R7 240 gfx card , i just upgraded the Mobo and cpu a few weeks ago. was using a walmart special off the shelf gateway i bought in 2011... just swaped everything over to the new Mobo .. need a full tower case old one was a slim micro case lol. so currently i just have the mobo mounting plate out of it and everything just mounted on a rack a made up for it.

  • @Gibsalot No pants time for hardware, it's cool lol
    Ok, I'm pretty sure that your system can do MUCH better than this mining time. If your drives are not usb 2.0/ have hardware problems optimizing is the way.
    Best move for me in terms of speed (for your system) it's optimizing after plotting as @luxe corretly said. If you haven't enough extra space for optimizing try something like that (example for your 5TB hdd):

    • create a plot of 2.5TB
    • optimize it in the same folder
    • delete the non optimized plot
    • create a plot of 1.25 TB
    • optmize it in the same folder
    • delete the non optimized plot
    • ...

    To full the hdd leave the last file unoptimized.
    Also, for your ram space issues, try schedule this ram cleaner every 30 minutes on your system, for me (I have 4 GB ddr2 ram xD) it works very well:

  • @Dario's-wallet got the ram cleaner .. all HDD's are conected internal Sata. my 5tb currently is split 3tb 2tb plots... im gona delete the 3tb and use that space to optimize my other drives and then follow your 1/2 space optimize repeat to fill it.

  • advice on what to do. ok so i have the optimizer running along with the AIO client and web browser ... optimizer has been running for around 20 hours and is at 23% on a 2TB plot... now hear is my issue i closed out my AIO client because i just dint need it up and running for the moment... but when i closed it the Optimizer vanished . just poof no icon at the bottom bar of open programs and not in the hidden icon tab. now i can tell its still running just by the way the comp is performing an when i ctrl/alt/del and open system tab its listed as running in the back ground.... but i cant figure out how to open the Ui to view the running program and if i just open the exe it dotn show whats running in the background and is like opening a fresh prog for me to start another plot to optimize... should i leave it running ?? how will i know when its done ? is it even still running or is it hung and just eating resorces

  • took me about a week but i got everything optimized finaly imo well worth it my scan times have gone from the 230-250 sec area down to 33 - 38 sec... ploting the last little file that cant be optimized now to fill out my last HDD. for the good news i found 8g sticks of ram on amazon for 18$$ so i ordered 3 to fill up my empty ram slots ... when i do get more HDD's it will be much faster next time.