Manual Plot with CPU

  • Hi guys!
    Do you know where I can find a guide with how can I made the plot manual with the program?
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  • Hi there,



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    From: Using the C plotter, and definitions of the numbers used…

  • @luxe @BenBurst thank you very much I will try now! best regards

  • @luxe @BenBurst
    Sore about those questions .... I made the process like the guide but I found theses problems in my plot:

    • I make a test with 230gb to test the manual plot and the optimize process but this process are running 8pm (local time) .... more than 12hs .....
    • now the process are in 10%
    • I made the correct sentence and put to plot ..... my CPU was in 100% ... Ram 80%
      The process tha I made was:
    • Put the .exe plot file on the HD formatted;
    • create a folder (plots)
    • crate the .bat file and run

    Do you have any advise in this process?

    I have more than 30tb to plot!!!!!!

    Best regards and thanks again!!!!!

  • Hi there,

    Plotting/optimizing are really long process, for exemple, it take me something like 6hours to plot 2TB with GPU (depends on your CPU or GPU speed if you use it to plot).
    GPU plotting is faster than CPU.

    The CPU going to 100% is normal when you plot. In the Burst mining process, its the plotting that require compute power.
    Once down, mining will use something like 10-15% of your proc.

    I think you doing it right, but in my mind, this is not really required to optimize your 230GB plot. (Optimize is needed when mining take too long to read your plots files).


  • Thank you @BenBurst

    I know that are not necessary optimize your 230GB plot ... I'm just getting the process to make in my another HD (5x4Tb).

    I will try to make this process again and let you know.

    Thanks again!