Burstcoin Multipool ...

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    ... we don't have one (anymore. see: http://burstmultipool.com/)

    In the beginning of Burst someone made a Multipool for our GPU miners out there.

    What is a Multipool?

    This kind of pool is for CPU, GPU and ASIC miners as far as I know. Everybody can point their rare hardware power there to get Burstcoins. The pool decides which coin to mine by profitability.

    Do we need such pool? If yes - who can make this happen?

  • @daWallet Like the automatic mining on minergate? Just made me think if they would consider running a Burst pool.

  • @daWallet I was with this idea back then and still am now! Winter is coming perfect time to run some rigs. A multipool is great buy support for the market!

    I only have the means to mine but count me in.

    The right person should be able to get multipool code free off a github somewhere and host it. Pick some coins and wallets to run. A good solid exchange (not poloniex)

    One of the coins could be SIA a competing HD coin. muhahah

    Could be a good asset also if done by someone trustworthy and the right terms.

  • I wonder what was the history of this multipool.
    Did it run?

  • @daWallet said in Burstcoin Multipool ...:

    Do we need such pool?

    Yes we do, it is yet another way to support our precious coin and community! 🙂