(BEM) Looking forward on creating biggest mining. 95% Back to investors. +future 3 day payment

  • Greetings #all.

    So basically this is my first asset. I have the plan for this asset since very long long time.
    Not the time came and I will present you my idea.
    Basically it is a EOBot Mining System.
    The idea is to become the biggest miner on EOBot.
    In the future I plan to expand on Burst Mining too. For now i have 1.5TB rig.

    Title: Biggest EObot Miner (BEM)
    Asset ID: 11086038929462719072
    Asset Issuer: BURST-AJVR-3JF9-GS32-4LVPM
    Price: 1 Burst
    Dividends: 95% to investors
    Payouts: Weekly ( and after time i will try every 3 days )
    Supply: 1,000,000,000,000
    First Supply of Assets: 7,777,777
    Earnings Report: ( on going )

    I know every one is now asking why 1 Trillion Assets ?
    Basically this is going to let us all build very big supply of assets, and with them we will be able to purchase more and more Mining Power. As I said earlier my goal is to be the Biggest EOBot Miner. 95% of Profit goes back to the Investors.
    Future goal is to make the payment every 3 days and after that even daily is the biggest goal !

    Just because I liked a post from a member on the forum I am answering to him @daWallet. Thanks.

    Date of registration of the Asset Issuer in the forums. Is he new, is he a known active member of the forums?
    Yes I can say I am new to the forum but not to the Coin or to the Crypto Currency mining or Trading.
    Can the Asset Issuer show some past work he has done?
    For now I am not able to show the work. Well I can, as I said I am mining on Cloud I am able to share the earnings the income of the farm and the investments.
    Proof of reputation available? Possible e.g. by eBay, Amazon or Social Network Accounts.
    I don't use network accounts only Youtube and eBay a couple of times. I don't like Facebook or Twitter.
    Proof of Hardware available? Pictures? Mining Addresses? Pictures can be verified by adding a paper note for example.
    As I said i can show ScreenShots of the mining on EOBOT.
    Is the Asset overpriced? Crunch the numbers.
    It is not overpriced in my opinion. The cost of 1 asset is 1 Burst. I made 1 Trillion of them just because we can have room on expanding and buying more and more Cloud Mining Power.
    Does the Asset have a solid income stream? Is it future proof?
    It is based on mining. The Income stream depends on how you look at things, In my head the stream should last for long time.
    Is the income stream related to the economy outside of the crypto space?
    The income is not related outside of the crypto space. It is only related on mining crypto coins nothing more then that it is only crypto related.

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    @bigeominer You realize that there will never be 1 Trillion Burst? You've issued an asset that's 500x larger than the total Burst economy?

    I'll pass .......

  • @bigeominer

    @nameless said in Multi Crypto Mining Asset MCM:

    @dethie for the love of God please don't use eobot!!! I honestly don't seem to be able to wrap my head around how that shit scam is still around.

    I've tested that crap for 2 years to prove a friend wrong who wanted to put 50 BTC into it. I put 1 of my own BTC and 2 years later you know how much i had left? 0.004 !!! And that is by re-investing 50% of the profits and using the rest to trade coins to cover my cloud losses.

    Also, the 1 trillion shares are a turn-off...

  • Facts to not be part of this:

    • Jointed 3 hours ago.
    • 1 post (this one).
    • Asking for 1 Trillion Burst (OMGGGG).

    I'll pass too.

  • Did not know what EOBOT was so looked it up. I do like this statement from the Cloud Mining Website.

    *Cloud mining should be considered as a fun, recreational activity and not a source of income or investment. The above numbers reflect no difficulty increase. Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal.

    Not ideal as a basis for an Asset I would say. 🙂


  • @Focus said in Aura Crypto Investments:

    @wishmaster said in Aura Crypto Investments:

    mining investment, coin Exchanges, monthly dividend payouts. invest to new project's coins (example Augur)

    Be sure people will ask questions, you have joined 20 hours ago and are asking for money(burst), we don't know a thing about this...

    Same story over here. It's difficult to trust people who joined just a few hours earlier. For all we know it might be the same person.

  • Hi there,

    First post guy asking for 1 trillion Burst...

    Maybe another time.


  • @Propagandalf I was thinking the same thing 😛

  • @zeus @Propagandalf at least the other guy admitted he liked the NEWS website 🙂 he made his similar to it XD

    I really need to file for intellectual propriety. This is the second time around. LOL!

  • @jervis Your NEWS website is good though, so maybe you should do that hehe. 🙂

  • Haha.... 1 trillion burst to invest in eobot....that site looks so scammy.....

  • EOBot is not Scammy

    I have actually worked with the owner of that site it is the only Cloud site besides Cex.io, or GenesisMining that are legit cloud Mining

    I have a Long Standing Old Account on EoBot

    UserID 7993

    But I am Out

    My Standing behind EoBot is no way a Backing of this Asset only of the EoBot platform itself

  • One trillion assets. Whoooa.
    Probably shoulda done more research before creating an asset

  • The better way to do this, would be to purchase the mining power FIRST, THEN launch the asset while being able to prove the mining power...

    Also, the total amount of assets is ridiculous... it just can't work...

    The being the first post thing... also not a very good way to start... you do understand that it makes you look REALLY scammy, right?

    (it doesn't matter if the cloud mining company is legit or not, right now... almost EVERY cloud mining company has turned scam... I simply don't trust them)

    It makes more sense to me, to build an asset based on Physical miners that you own, that way you can guarantee them...

    If you don't have physical access to the miners, and don't REALLY own them... how can you GUARANTEE them? You can't... IMO.

    There's nothing you can say with 100% certainty, if you don't own the miners... What happens if mining becomes completely unprofitable and the cloud mining company goes under? What happens if there's some 'hack' and they lose a lot and stop paying? There are WAY too many risks here to count...

    If you build some physical miners, and start an asset with a reasonable amount, and build up from there, you'll get a much nicer response from the community...